Schlege lock help

Don’t know if this is where to post this but I’m using the lock manager and trying to add users and it just keeps adding and deleting them at random . I have about 5 users and in will just randomly give and alert slot 5 in active then slot 4 is active when it does this it makes the other slots not work .
Is there a solution I just about 7 user and codes

You will get the quickest answer if you post in the author thread for that smartapp. The author will be automatically notified whenever there are new posts and other people who are using the same code will be able to help you as well.

So just ask your question again in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

If you want to consider getting access to the RBoy Apps server you may want to check out this stable option which works with the standard ST device handlers.

I was looking at that.
That one cost money right ?

I figure I would try the free way first. I’m gonna keep messing with the free one for a bitnif nothing works I am gonna move on to another one I guess

Yes it’s works with the standard ST Device Handler and it gives you access to all the RBoy Apps (30+ Devices Handlers and SmartApps). Check out for the full list.