Schlage z-waze no longer supported in Canada?

Trying to reinstall my Schlage Connect lock that stopped communicating a while ago. I have tried everything I can think of so I factory reset both lock and smartthings connect. Now when I go to add device and select lock/schlage all lock types have a lock beside them and it says your hub doesn’t support this device. What happened? Can I not use smartthings to connect to this lock anymore in Canada, I bought this smarthings only for this purpose. Even in they still say it can connect to smarthings.


i have 2 zwave schlage locks & 1 zwave plus schage lock in canada and all 3 work no problem. how are you adding the lock to smarthings?

Can you post a screen shot of the error? :thinking:

you may want to reboot your ST hub … exclude the lock from the ST app next and then attempt to add it :slight_smile:

I am going to the + device, locks, Schlage and then it comes up with the 4 types of locks but all of them have a lock beside them and when I pick the connect z-wave it says not supported. how do I excude something that is not even supported. this lock use to connect.

can you post a screen shot please?

to exclude, open your hub under “Devices > All Devices” and select the three dots in the upper right of the screen and choose z-wave utilities

are you putting your lock into inclusion mode from the lock after going through the ST app to pair it?

yes but it only lasts for about 5 seconds, also I can not longer make it to take point becuase I can’t try to connect any more because I can’t get past the not supported page.

My ST never has the options you guys talk about, my I don’t z-wave utilities anywhere in the three dots. If I do it under All Devices than it comes up with “edit” “Delete” and “Sort by” if I do the three dots under my hub it comes up with “guest access” Network settings" and Information. The network setting are just Wifi stuff and the standalone bridged stuff. I have looked though all the settings stuff in here and it never mentions z-wave once.
I’m using the smarthing wifi hubs with smartthings built in so I’m not sure if that is what makes things different. that said it use to work with this lock.

login to go to the Hubs section and see if the Z-wave state is reporting Functional

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Oh my god thank you, I was able to enrole z-wave from there and exclude then add. It is now working after 6 months of trying. Was just about to by a new wifi for $300. Your the best.