Schlage Smartlocks: setting up complex rules?

OK, you should be able to do pretty much anything you want with SmartThings classic. :sunglasses:

Start with the following FAQ and see if it helps at all. My guess is you’re going to want to use webcore, in which case you should post your question over on their forum, since that’s where their experts hang out.

In addition to the rules logic, you may also need one of the specialty device type handlers/smartapps for the locks In order to expose things like the difference between a manual open and a code open. There are two very popular ones. One is Erik Thayer’s free version, Lock Manager. @rboy also offers a very popular paid version behind his paywall. Both are good, it just depends on the exact features that you need.

You can find these listed on the “quick browse“ lists in the community – created wiki.

But start with the FAQ first, and if you do decide to use web core, talk to them about your specific goals as they may also have advice for the best DTH. :sunglasses: