Schlage Sense Battery Status?

I want to know where to find the battery status on my Schlage Sense lock. It is connected through my SmartThings Hub with 000.022.00013 firmware. I am using the SmartThings app v 2,16.1 (1437) on an Apple iPhone 6+. I hope someone will tell me where I can see the status of the battery before it is depleted again. Thanks for your help.

If you go to My Home in the lower menu, then choose Things in the upper menu and locate your lock device and click on it.

Thank you. That’s just what I needed to know.

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Hello, how did you get the Schlage Sense to connect to ST? I thought only the Schlage Connect locks worked with ST?

I use a SmartThings hub to make the connection with the Schlage.

Are you sure you aren’t using Schlage Connect (and not Schlage Sense which uses bluetooth/wifi)?