Schlage RS100HC Contact Sensor

I’ve been using one of the Schlage RS100HC contact sensors on a gate in my yard outside. When I first set it up it seemed like it was having range issues and wasn’t reporting state changes. I installed a few GE zwave switches around the house and that seemed to help repeat the signal and it was reporting fine for 2 weeks but now it has stopped reporting again.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tricks on how to troubleshoot range issues? The amazon reviews for this sensor say the range is supposed to be pretty good and I don’t have it very far from the hub.

The hub is inside about 40 feet from the sensor (outside) with a lot of windows between the two. I also have 2 GE/Jasco dimmer and on/off switch between the hub and sensor.

So the sensor is only about 15-20 feet from the closest GE zwave switch which I thought was supposed to act as a repeater.

@mweston, I think I have the exact same problem. My Schlage RS100HC sensors work reliably for a few weeks, then stop reporting for a few days, and suddenly start working again.

I added Jasco switches in hopes of them repeating the signal. I am not sure if this is a range issue, though. I got in touch with ST support and was told that including the switches in the network does NOT automatically extend the signal range of any device that has been included before the repeaters were added. I didn’t know about that. Their suggestion was to either “repair the network”, or better yet exclude the sensor, then re-include it with the repeaters already there. I was going to try that next time one of the sensors stopped working.

Interesting. Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I can’t seem to figure out how to exclude it so I’ll try a repair for now… I started exclusion mode from the IDE but it doesnt seem to want to exclude. I tried pressing the little black pressure switch inside of it and removing and reinstalling the battery but no luck.

Sorry to bring this post back from the dead, but I am having this EXACT SAME issue with the Schlage RS100HC. Mine is one of the closest devices to my hub, so definitely not a range issue… But, like Florian said “it works reliably for a few weeks, then stops reporting for a few days, and suddenly starts working again”.

I’ve had this sensor since day 1 (I was one of the first KS backers) and it’s gone through this cycle a few times now. I’ve never been able to find a fix for it, have always had to just ‘wait it out’. Which is less than ideal when this thing is supposed to be securing my home…

Can someone at ST look into this? It can’t be a coincidence that we all seem to have the exact same issue, and I’m convinced (at least in my case) that it’s not a range issue.