Schlage Locks not running locally in automations

So I have 3 Schlage zwave locks running the stock Zwave Lock DH. I was expecting these to run in the automations with the little L but they just refuse to run locally in the automations? Is anyone else having this issue?

can you post a screenshot of the automations? and are you in the beta group that has access to automations running locally? (unless this has been opened to everyone and i missed it) :slight_smile:

@jkp I am on the beta. If I remove the lock from the If side it will add the L to the automation.

the locks show as local in IDE?

That is correct

tagging @garrett.kranz who might know the answer or assist with finding the appropriate person who can

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If you login to the Centercode site for the beta you can see the list of capabilities supported for local automations. Capability Lock is not on there.


Also the new stays in this status for so long option does NOT run locally yet.

Confirming this as the reason. This will be continued to be expanded upon, of course.


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I have two Schlage locks. I tried a couple device handlers but settled on the “Z-Wave Locks”. It shows as running locally and handles all my codes. Should be in your list I believe this one standard for smartthings.