Schlage Lock disconnects when not in home network

(Wayne Angstadt) #1

I have a Schalge Connect lock BE469 (i think), when I first configured it with the smart things hub (v2) everything worked great, I was able to lock and unlock the door remotely, view status, ect. Since the beginning of June, I have had an issue where when I leave my home network, the lock shows as disconnected and does not respond within the app. but when I get back home (connected to my home network) everything is back to normal. My routines do not work either, as I have to manually lock and unlock.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2


This doesn’t make sense.

  • Which mobile App are you using (new or Classic)?
  • The Schlage Lock (Schlage Connect Z-Wave Lock) connects to your Hub, not your phone.
  • The Hub connects to the SmartThings Cloud.
  • The SmartThings App controls the lock via the SmartThings Cloud.

In other words, it does not matter where your phone is located.