Schlage lock connects to ST hub as a light switch

I have connected a BE469ZP Schlage lock to the ST however it shows up as a switch and not a lock. I obviously can’t unlock and lock the door when the hub sees the device as a switch. I have excluded and reconnected three times and each time it connects as a switch. I have plugged the hub in right next to the lock to assure a close communication so there is no interference from anything else.
Any suggestions???

I have 2 of these locks and both work flawlessly.
There is an online interface at - Login with your Samsung account information

Go to My Locations - Select the location (you may only have one)
Go to My Devices - Find your lock in the list and select it to see various settings & attributes for the device.
Note what it says to the right of Type… mine says Z-Wave Lock. If yours is not saying that, you can select the Edit button at the bottom and change it. Be sure to select Update at the bottom.

You can set up your lock codes and manually control your locks in the new SmartThings app using Smart Lock Guest Access smartapp. Go to SmartApps, select the “plus” at the top, and select Smart Lock Guest Access. Once you have it installed, to change lock codes, touch the word “LOCKS” at the top left and a drop-down menu will appear.


Change the DTH over in IDE to zwave lock and see if that helps.

These BE469ZPs are S2 Z-Wave Locks, did you enter the DSK (Device Specific Key) during the Inclusion? S2 is now standard on most Hubs and a failure to input the DSK during enrollment could result in odd behavior for the S2 Device you are including.

The DSK on this Lock is found on the interior label next to the barcode and your Programming Code. Also, this Lock is enrolled via the red Learn Button that is found underneath the battery cover (some people still try and use Schlage Button + Prog. Code + 0, which is the old method).

S2 General Info from SmartThings Support.

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If it’s showing up a zwave generic device (switch) it means that the pairing process is having an issue and some information is getting lost during the communication process making ST default to a generic device handler. There are many tell take signs for this including a lack of MSR or corrupted raw description.

Try these steps:

  1. Reboot the hub
  2. Exclude the lock or do a factory reset
  3. Bring the lock within 5ft if your hub
  4. Open the ST app, click on + -> Devices -> Scan nearby and it should work. Note this will pair it using S0 which is okay. If you want to pair it using S2 then use the Generic Z-zwave option but I would start with the straight forward pairing first.

Since you have the BE469ZP you may benefit from the enhanced zwave lock device handler which will give you access to the advanced features in your lock like the built in alarms, auto lock, vacation mode etc. [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler

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I’ve (unfortunately) paired this stupid door lock two dozen times over the years. Today my lock decided that it identified as a light bulb. This was driving me crazy and your solution worked.

(Your link was wrong, but your solution worked.)

IDE login: [

Samsung account

](Samsung account)