Schlage & Kwikset - Buy of the Day @ Home Depot (03/29/18)

FYI - a Kwikset 909 is just a 910 minus the ZWave or ZigBee radio card which you can get on eBay. Same was 911 to 912 I believe. The exterior of my house is all done in the dark bronze but the interior is all satin nickel. So I hunted on eBay for people selling parts for the 909 sets and combine them with some cards to give me that combination throughout my house. Ended up spending the same amount but now everything is color coordinated. Only thing I regret is I did 2 zwave and 1 ZigBee and I wish I would have done all zwave as that mesh is stronger in my house due to all me GE switches. Right now I have a pocket socket in my kitchen and the only reason is is there is to repeat zigbee for my garage door lock. If I unplug it the lock batteries die within 2 weeks as they’re on the edge of the mesh and they have to keep retransmitting.

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I’ve been waiting for this. One of my 469s is dying ( I assume), it’s eating batteries like M&Ms. I’ve tried everything and for the past few months it’s going through a set every week or two instead of 12-15 months.

Have you tried simple compressed air across all the circuit boards? There might be a bit of conductive dust in there, occasionally creating a short or something

Have you tried using repeater nearby? By nearby i mean 2-3 feet away?

Had similar issue with batteries but once i added a repeater iris plug v2 seems to have done the trick.

Maybe another zwave repair too??

LOL my Schlage Locks are 5 & 6 years old.

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I’ve pulled it apart, I’ve factory reset it and dragged hub across the house and reconnected it. They’re going on 5 (6?) years old, so I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s just getting tired. Issue is that it’s the one on tenants’ door and I can’t have them getting locked out if it completely dies. I’ve already gotten too many calls or knocks on my door because they can’t get in.

With 200 devices in 1800SF mesh strength is not an issue.