Schlage keypad unlock to disarm SHM using SHM Delay?

I’m trying to see if anyone has successfully accomplished first hand the following scenario. This post is not intended to seek troubleshooting advice or debate the wisdom of the scenario.

  • 2 schlage camelot z-wave locks.
  • SHM Delay smart app installed.
  • Keypad unlock and manual unlock configured to disarm SHM.
  • Locking arms SHM.

Essentially I’m using the locks as a security keypad.

Anyone have this configured reliably? Specifically with these locks? It seems like my locks have never run for long periods of time without failing to report unlock events from time to time.

Before I dive too deep into troubleshooting it (again), I would just like to know if anyone has their Schlages doing this dependably.


Is your reliability question more about the hardware or the integration pieces with SHM, shm delay and such.

I’m seeing issues over the past years with the schlage zwave locks not consistently logging the unlock (or lock) events. I would like to know if anyone has had better luck with these locks with automation that requires the locks to report consistently. I don’t want to spend endless hours of trying to get the locks to consistently behave if no one else has managed to do it.