Schlage door/window and motion

I recently bought the two schlage sensor from the approved device list.

I paired them with the hub, but they both show up as open/close sensors and stuck in an open state.

Any thoughts?

I had the same issue with a Schlage sensor.  Deleted it from the app, in an effort to get it ‘unstuck’, and now I cannot get it added back in.  I talked to customer support via the in-app chat, and they mentioned they need to send an “exclude” command while I simultaneously remove the battery from the Schlage and ‘reboot’ it.  We tried a couple times, unsuccessfully.  Now I cannot even get the app to recognize the sensor anymore.


So moral of the story:  do NOT remove/delete the sensor from the app, you will not be able to add it back.

I am in the same situation - I bought 4 sensors, and the first one I tried was stuck in the open state.  Removed it from the app, and now it cannot be added back.  We seriously need some functionality here to enable adding and removing sensors more easily and consistently.

Can anyone shed some light on the cause of the original issue (the Schlage being stuck in the open state)?

Open a ticket with support. They were able to resolve the issue right away.

I have to tip my hat to the support team, they have been great thus far!

^they are supposed to get back to me because they could not figure out how to get my device to even recognize the Schlage anymore after I deleted it.



They also have a ticket open for me - we were unable to re-pair the sensor.  Now I have 2 dead sensors that I borrowed from my friend with a Vera hub which he can no longer pair.

CAUTION - It would seem as though there is NO EASY WAY to unpair a z-wave device from the SmartThings hub.  I have an old Nexia hub, and I can now no longer unpair a siren, plug controllers, or these schlage sensors.  This needs to be rectified ASAP.

UPDATE:  Obviously this isn’t a fix for everyone, but I was able to find some information for the contingency where a hub fails (or in this case, the hub requires unpair functionality).  If you have ANOTHER hub (which in my case I had an old Nexia hub), you can perform the following to UNPAIR devices:

1 - Activate the secondary hub

2 - Ensure that at least one device is paired to the secondary hub

3 - Initiate an unpair action on that hub using the sensor locked to the SmartThings hub.  For the door sensor, this involved puling the battery for 1o seconds, initiating the unpair action on the secondary hub, then putting the battery in.

Apparently - this action force resets the sensor to factory conditions, and it can then be paired with the SmartThings hub again.

NOTE - There is still an issue with the sensor, where it is stuck in the “Open” position.  I have confirmed that my sensors are good using the old hub and they do work.  Seems like a configuration needed for the ST hub.

Hope this helps…

I did the exact same thing as Daniel, I am still waiting to hear back from them. :frowning:  But even if we can get them to pair correctly, what is the point if they are not being sensed correctly. Mine were stuck showing them being “open” even when they were not.

Can anyone from SmartThings chime in here?

Anyone that had this issue get it resolved?

Have you guys, as a troubleshooting measure, tried opening/closing them within a couple feet of the HUB? Z-Wave devices have significantly less range than Zigbee ones, and my devices I’ve added so far confirm that.

I feel like the process of pairing devices to the hub basically turns us all into the guys from the IT Crowd.

Bahaha, one of my all time favorite shows.

Cory, yes I’ve tried everything (and I’m assuming others have, too). Several of us have confirmed via in-app support that re-adding the devices is not something we can do without their help.

I was told by support folks that they would get an engineer to look into it, and get back to me with a solution. That was 2 weeks ago, roughly.

This seems to be an issue for a lot of 3rd party devices, and make me very reluctant to shell out a lot on the higher-priced products such as sirens, thermostats, and door locks.

Daniel, I meant for people that still have their devices paired, not so much re-pairing them. I had a good talk with Andrew last night about Z-Wave pairing, and it is interesting the way that protocol handles things. After you remove a device an exclude command is sent to it. You then have 15 seconds to complete the process on the device yourself. On most devices this entails hitting the button on the unit, but as I am guessing these don’t have a button it is going to be a different process they probably need to discover, and/or make changes to the way it is excluded to support it.

The reason I asked if people have tried to use a paired device while right next to the hub is because of something else Andrew shared with me. As mentioned earlier Z-Wave devices have a shorter range than zigbee, but any hardwired powered Z-Wave device can work as a repeater making this not such a big deal. But, What I didn’t know is when you add a device it creates a routing table on where it can receive commands from, which would be the strongest signal. The way I understood it is you want to add your devices in order from closest to the hub back to the furthest in order for this routing table to be created properly. So, say you paired your contact sensor while standing next to your hub, then walked across the house and put it on the window. it may not receive a signal from a light switch in between it and the hub, because it is ignoring it.

That was my understanding of how it works, which may or may not be accurate.

@corys: Huh. So would it then be a bad thing to try pairing things by bringing them closer to the hub, or moving the hub closer?

That is something I am really not sure on. I know Andrew mentioned some of the older stuff you need o bring the hub close to it to pair because I assume the actual pairing can’t be done over the repeaters. Maybe that just applies to the old stuff my cheap ass buys, but I’m not sure.

This is interesting info, but I don’t think it’s quite relevant here. I don’t think anyone in this thread is having difficulty getting the Schlage Door/Window unit to pair, but rather get it to report its status correctly.

The issue with re-pairing after removal from the app is not one of range.

The status was fixed by support having to make a change to my hub. I was told it is a newly discovered bug. If your device is connected to the hub, but showing a single status, contact support via the chat function in the app. They have been very helpful to me.

@Daniel, I was referring to overall signal, not just pairing. One of my contact sensors is on the border of my range and will often report open, but never report back it has been closed due to bad signal. Installing a repeater between the device and the HUB resolves the issue in my case.