Schlage door/window and motion

Can anyone from SmartThings chime in here?

Anyone that had this issue get it resolved?

Have you guys, as a troubleshooting measure, tried opening/closing them within a couple feet of the HUB? Z-Wave devices have significantly less range than Zigbee ones, and my devices I’ve added so far confirm that.

I feel like the process of pairing devices to the hub basically turns us all into the guys from the IT Crowd.

Bahaha, one of my all time favorite shows.

Cory, yes I’ve tried everything (and I’m assuming others have, too). Several of us have confirmed via in-app support that re-adding the devices is not something we can do without their help.

I was told by support folks that they would get an engineer to look into it, and get back to me with a solution. That was 2 weeks ago, roughly.

This seems to be an issue for a lot of 3rd party devices, and make me very reluctant to shell out a lot on the higher-priced products such as sirens, thermostats, and door locks.

Daniel, I meant for people that still have their devices paired, not so much re-pairing them. I had a good talk with Andrew last night about Z-Wave pairing, and it is interesting the way that protocol handles things. After you remove a device an exclude command is sent to it. You then have 15 seconds to complete the process on the device yourself. On most devices this entails hitting the button on the unit, but as I am guessing these don’t have a button it is going to be a different process they probably need to discover, and/or make changes to the way it is excluded to support it.

The reason I asked if people have tried to use a paired device while right next to the hub is because of something else Andrew shared with me. As mentioned earlier Z-Wave devices have a shorter range than zigbee, but any hardwired powered Z-Wave device can work as a repeater making this not such a big deal. But, What I didn’t know is when you add a device it creates a routing table on where it can receive commands from, which would be the strongest signal. The way I understood it is you want to add your devices in order from closest to the hub back to the furthest in order for this routing table to be created properly. So, say you paired your contact sensor while standing next to your hub, then walked across the house and put it on the window. it may not receive a signal from a light switch in between it and the hub, because it is ignoring it.

That was my understanding of how it works, which may or may not be accurate.

@corys: Huh. So would it then be a bad thing to try pairing things by bringing them closer to the hub, or moving the hub closer?

That is something I am really not sure on. I know Andrew mentioned some of the older stuff you need o bring the hub close to it to pair because I assume the actual pairing can’t be done over the repeaters. Maybe that just applies to the old stuff my cheap ass buys, but I’m not sure.

This is interesting info, but I don’t think it’s quite relevant here. I don’t think anyone in this thread is having difficulty getting the Schlage Door/Window unit to pair, but rather get it to report its status correctly.

The issue with re-pairing after removal from the app is not one of range.

The status was fixed by support having to make a change to my hub. I was told it is a newly discovered bug. If your device is connected to the hub, but showing a single status, contact support via the chat function in the app. They have been very helpful to me.

@Daniel, I was referring to overall signal, not just pairing. One of my contact sensors is on the border of my range and will often report open, but never report back it has been closed due to bad signal. Installing a repeater between the device and the HUB resolves the issue in my case.

James, glad to hear they were able to solve the original issue.

Now, if they could just figure out how to re-connect this device for me, I’d be set.

OK, so I was finally able to get my Schlage to rejoin using the “Zwave Utilities” and “ZWave exclude” page within the IDE.

Now that I’ve re-joined, however, it shows up as a Schlage Motion Sensor. It actually shows “Motion” when the contact is open, and “No Motion” when it is closed. Not sure what happened, I know that the first time I paired it correctly registered as the door/window sensor (even though it was stuck ‘Open’). So it seems like we’re making progress?

Am I just going to have to wait for the SmartThings team to fix this device in their database? Or is there a way for me to go in there and manually correct the device ID? Like I said, everything appears to be working, it just thinks it’s the wrong type of device.

Try changing the device type in the IDE

Cory, I just did that and it appears to have registered within the app.

However, I think it might be stuck in ‘Open’ mode again (I’m not at home so can’t check for sure if my front door is indeed open, but I suspect it is not). Maybe just a bug that needs to be ironed out by the ST team.

Anyway, thanks for the tip.

Just to follow-up:

it appears my wife, who is at home, just opened and then closed the front door and the Schlage Contact Sensor is now (finally) reporting its status accurately.
So, if you follow my steps just be sure to activate the switch to get it to refresh.

+1 For Daniel’s method. Just was able to unregister and reregister my Schlage door/window contact. Also, after re-registering it I edited it from a “Z-Wave Sensor” to a “Schlage Contact Sensor.” However, I’ve been trying to get it read a status for about 30 minutes w/ no luck.

Is SmartThings able to use this both as an open/close sensor as as a motion sensor?

@techmirth: Do you see any events in the web ui? (Device > List Events > All from device)

@chris: The Schlage open/close and motion sensors are two different devices. Unfortunately our current device type recognition system can’t distinguish between them. We’re working on it.

Thanks for responding @Duncan. Actually it started registering status about five hours after I posted. I made no other changes. It’s working great now!