Schlage Connect - Which hub for my office?

I’m about to buy a Schlage Connect for my office. I understand that some hubs do not support some of the features of the lock. What is the best hub for the Schlage Connect? Thank you.

When you say hub, what do you mean?

The hub is only a channel for communication with the lock. What features are available to use on your lock depends on what device handler is being used by the hub when communicating with your lock (I’m over simplifying this).

If you’re using the stock (build in) ST device handler then you’ll have the ability to lock and unlock.
If you want to use the advanced features of your lock like the alarms, auto lock, enabling/disabling keypad etc you will need to install and use a custom device handler.

Here is an examples of a custom device handler that allows you to use the advanced features of your Schlage connect lock (you’ll need access to RBoy Apps to use this one).

So, you are saying the hardware is not the issue so long as it provides a compatible protocol, but it is the apps & device handlers that determine which features are implemented properly. True?


Yep - any ZWave compatible hub would work SmartThings is ZWave and ZigBee so… There is a default ZWave lock and SmartThings provided smartLocks SmartApp that works just fine with the Schlage, but for the enhanced features of the lock (alarms, etc) you will want a custom device handler (DTH). @RBoy who answered previously, writes a great one. It costs a bit of money - but I personally think it’s worth it.

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Bingo, right on all counts.

Thank you very much for the information. I appreciate it.

I am using the Schlage Connect with the Samsung Hub v2 and it works great. It works with the commands to lock, unlock and to check status. Right now I am trying to configure the Schlage to beep and alert when the door is jarred or someone enters bad codes 4 times, or knocks. I am not sure yet if these extra features work with the Samsung Hub but will try to let you know.

Also, if you use the SmartThings Classic app, and go to “recenty” you can see lock and unlock activity for the last 7 days. Totally cool and helpful.

Depending on the layout and size of your office, I would suggest some network repeating devices to insure you have a strong mesh network.