Schlage Connect - Strange Behavior

I’ve had the Schlage Connect Zwave BE469ZP connected to my SmartThings v.2 hub for about 2 years. It works well, but occasionally displays some erratic behavior.

From the outside, unlock with the code.
Enter the house, and manually lock the deadbolt.
Deadbolt will then unlock and relock several times on it’s own. Sometimes twice, sometimes ten or more times. All activity shows up in SmartThings (see below)

Anyone else experienced this?
Any ideas how to fix?
Is it the lock, or SmartThings?

One common reason for that behavior is that your lock and your door are slightly out of alignment, and the lock thinks it’s jammed and keeps trying until it gets what it considers a good fit. This is often a weather/temperature issue, which is why it only occurs from time.

If that’s the problem, the best thing to do is to contact Schlage support.