Schlage Connect notification by user code


I just installed a Schlage Connect FE469. I have setup multiple unique user codes for everyone in my family. I currently get notification when the door is locked and unlocked the the Smartthings app on my phone.

What I would like is to be able have the notification tell me which unique code was used to unlock the door. Is this possible?

I thought I had found something saying this was possible when I was researching the lock purchase, but now I cant find it…

(Don) #2

I use @RBoy apps and software on my Schlage lock.
His software is a pay for version but in my opinion worth the money .

Here is a thread that might be what your looking for.

If nothing else he would know what you can and cant do with your lock.

Hopefully someone else can post a link to the free thread.

(Dana ) #3

You can pay for the RBoy code or use the free ethayer Lock Manager app and device type handlers.

The thread for the Lock Manager app is below…I recommend it highly. You can setup users/codes in the app and enable notifications for each user/code, and get SMS and/or ST app push notifications. Lots of other options as well…he has a lock Device Handler specifically for Schlage locks.

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The BE469 has some amazing features like it’s built in alarm and when you disable the lock n leave you can even have the users use their code to lock (not just unlock) the door using the Schlage button (plus lots of more features). This is the most comprehensive device handler available for SmartThings which can utilize all the advanced capabilities of the Schlage lock including differentiate between a manual lock and keypad lock and keypad lock with a user code. This coupled with the SmartApp @TN_Oldman pointed out is the most powerful user management setup you can have in SmartThings today for creating actions and programming users to unlock AND the doors using their codes. There is also a dedicated SmartApp for integrating the Schlage Built in Alarm into SmartThings which can synchronize your alarm settings to the ST modes etc. Check it out below.

[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock, IDLock, DanaLock and August Lock Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features

(RH) #5

You can set alerts by any or all user codes in WebCore.

(Glen King) #6

Ummmm… what is the value of an automated lock that will not lock unless a user inputs a code?
While I appreciate the ‘tracking’ value of knowing who was the last person out of the house, that is the ONLY value such a function has. But if they forget to input the code, then you don’t even have that bit of info… and you have an unlocked home.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #7

I cannot say enough good things about the @RBoy app. Well worth the $35.

(David Hamilton) #8

I used both Lock managers available in this site. Both have an option to notify who unlocks of locks via code in notifications. Both work well but I found more development and options on Rboys version.

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If you’re using the User Management SmartApp it has an option to automatically lock the door when closed after a delay. So if you’ve enabled that option and say you leave the house and “forget” to use your code to lock the door, the automatic delayed door relock comes into play and will relock your door. It may not “arm” your system but atleast you’ve got a locked house :slight_smile:


I installed the Lock Manager app and I must be doing something wrong. It cannot find my lock. Do I need to delete the Schlage app in order to use this Lock Manager app?


I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I cant get the Lock Manager app to find my lock