Schlage Connect keypad not working

This is happening to my Schlage, now, too. The first time, I took the lock apart and reconnected the jumper wires from the keypad to the radio on the inside. That fixed it, but wasn’t sure if it was that or removing the batteries. This second time, I disconnected and reconnected the batteries and it started working again.

Looks like I might need to contact Schlage.

Just giving everyone an update, I got the replacement lock 4 month ago and it worked fine until today where the same issue happened. Going to contact Schlage to see if they have figured out what’s wrong with it.

Same issue here. Schlage connect. In service for about a month. Came home tonight and keyoad didn’t work. Luckly I had a key. going to try and disconnect and reconnect the battery.

Having the same issue with 2 of 4 of the same locks. they have been installed for only 2 weeks.

This thread has been pretty helpful. I have narrowed down that the 2 locks having the issue are usually open during the day, and do not have auto lock on, but the 2 OK ones are locked, and have auto lock on.

The office manager is testing the autolock theory with one of the ones showing the issue

I installed 2 locks a couple of weeks ago. Just had same issue with one of them. Disconnect/reconnect batteries solved it for now. Any update on the autolock relation?

The Schlage FAQ on this issue suggests doing a factory reset - neither solution is very effective if a guest cannot get into a vacation rental unit.

I’ve had the same thing happen twice (non responsive keypad connected to ST, corrected by pulling battery pack) in the last 6 weeks.

Clearly there’s a design or manufacturing problem with these locks. Does anyone have any recommendations for other smart locks that also support the use of a key?

I’m having the same issue with my almost 2 year old lock. First time it happened maybe a year after install, and has done the same a few times since. In all situations the ST lock/unlock continued to work and a unplug/plugin of the battery pack fixed the issue.

Hoping Schlage gets the real problem fixed, otherwise I’ll be looking for another brand

So new out of the box this problem happened 26 hours after first installation. Keypad non responsive, but the alarm button on the back lights up when pressed, and it responds to Zwave commands. Pulling the battery and putting it back in makes the keypad come back to life. I have autolock disabled because they didn’t include a contact sensor to see if the door was closed… making it all but certain closing the door will smash the doorframe when carrying groceries in.

I have the new Z-Wave Plus (be-469zp) model that was just released. Anybody solve this problem, or are all these things just trash?

Check that the wires are properly connected - there is the one connection when you put the lock together on the door… if you are usuing the batteries that came with the lock, switch them out with new ones. Last, contact Schlage support.

You still having an issue? If so did you try to reset the lock?

If you have a door contact sensor and access to RBoy Apps, check out the LUM app, it has the ability to auto relock the door only when the door is closed.

Same lock, same problem. Started when my lock was 1 month old. Schlage sent a replacement lock, and as long as I left it in the “autolock after 30 seconds mode” it seemed to work ok. But now 7 months later, even when in autolock mode, it has started to have the same problem again with the keypad dying, but the lock still responding to commands from my phone app. I have found that if I unlock the lock remotely, then let it autolock on its own, it will reset the keypad without having to remove the battery. But I’m having to do that every 2 weeks or so now. Definitely not reliable.

I am sorry to hear this is happening. Being on a business, the lock is not covered under warranty and the previous replacement was sent as a one-time accommodation. I do apologize for the inconvenience. I highly recommend looking into commercial model locks as they may hold up better with the use a business gets.

Please let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thank you and Have a safe day!

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Same thing happened to me last week. ST showed 98% battery charge and the keypad simply died. Switched the batteries and it is working for now at least. Schlage Camelot (zwave).

Mine suddenly stopped responding the other day and I just disabled and re-enabled the keypad using the device interface in the ST app. Came right back to life!

I had the same problem (keypad no response, ok to control via hub) after about 3month. Found out it is the connector from the keypad to inside board got loose. Reconnect solved the problem and I will keep monitoring it

Two years after the post and this is still an issue? My Schlage Connect lock is 1 month old and the keypad non responsiveness has happened twice. I do not have Smart Things at all. This is a Schlage lock issue. Unplugging the battery pack and plugging back in fixes the issue until the next time. Now I have to give keys out, what’s the point it the lock then?
Had this thread or anyone contacted Schlage yet?

I have had this issue happen numerous times with numerous locks in the past 6 months - the most recent was with a brand new replacement BE469 Firmware Ver. 10 after the previous lock did the same thing (so that was twice in 24 hrs with 2 different locks). I got the same response from Schlage: it’s a power connection issue… No, it’s not. I’ve installed 40+ of these locks over the past 5 years and I know what I’m doing. The issue of the lock face going dark/unresponsive is one thing when the lock is in the “unlocked” position, but I have had several instances when it has gone dark/unresponsive while the deadbolt is engaged. When that happens, you need a key, and really need to torque the bolt back. I spoke to Schlage about that issue and the rep didn’t understand what I was talking about. They sent me lock replacements, and ironically, the lock I recently replaced (the FW v. 10) just did it again today. Replacing it today…

Same issue here. We have had this keypad for at least 2 years, suddenly (yesterday) it stopped responding. A quick power cycle and it came back to life. Then a couple hours later, it was dead again. Tried brand new batteries (even though the last ones were at 83%), same thing, came back to life but only temporarily. Called Schlage, because we were within our warranty - they replaced the lock. Hooray!

Camelot, BE469, Firmware Ver. MAIN_7.1. Purchased 12/2017

Did anyone get return directions with their replacement lock? I just got mine yesterday, but no directions or return label. Or are they taking the Amazon approach of discard the old one. I emailed them back, but it seems like a 3-4 day wait period for a reply.

They’ve never required us to return them, especially if they’re still under warranty.

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