Schlage Connect flashing red while doing self test

I just installed my Schlange Connect and the lock works fine via manual locking/key. However when I tried to perform the self check, the red cross mark flashes 3 times and does not allow me to use the keypad. I have to rest the lock and the same thing happens again. What I am I doing wrong?

The manual says 3 red flashes means “battery is critical and must be replaced”. Maybe came with bad batteries. Just bring it back and get it replaced. Maybe the place you bought it from would just open another box and swap batteries. Find out before you remove it from the door.

every time i factory reset the lock, the keypads worked. I never replaced the battery. Will try to do that. Also, I have enrolled the lock into smart things before performing self check. Might this be a reason?

I never performed a self check on mine. Are you sure you are doing the right sequence for a self check and not doing the sequence for locking the keypad?

Per the manual, after installing the lock. I should click on the schlage icon and press the 4 digit default user code. The lock will perform self check.

Then I probably did that as well. I would just go with what is says in the Trouble shooting section about 3 red flashes. You probably got bad batteries with it. They are not cheap batteries so get them replaced by the store you bought the lock from.

Will try to replace the battery and try. Even connecting to hub is giving me a "key exchange failed " error. I bought it in US and got it to India, so replacement is very difficult. Hopefully I can resolve this sooner

If battery is bad you won’t be able to connect.

Thank you! Battery trick worked. This is so stupid, like how keypad works but it wont do self check of connect to smartthing.

Now, it does not unlock. There seems to be some issue with the lock, I have no problem locking/unlocking it manually. Need to remove it and install it again, i guess