Schlage Connect Door Lock

Hello. I am planning on buying a ST hub and potentially a Schlage Connect Door Lock and I have 2 questions for anyone who has a Schlage Connect lock

  1. Can a notification be generated every time the lock is locked or unlocked, even If it is unlocked via the panel on the physical lock?

  2. Can user codes be set and revoked remotely?

The online schlage documentation doesn’t seem to address this.

Thank you.



  1. Yes. Look into webcore, the community rules engine for this. You can specify different alerts or actions based on different codes, or non-code openings.

  2. Yes. The ethayer lock manager can do this. Other lock manager device handlers can do it too.

yes, and you don’t need the custom apps mentioned above.

  1. Yes. Smart Home Monitor or Notify Me When in the marketplace.
  2. Yes, Smart Locks in the marketplace.

Glen, thank you!


Jimmy thank you.


Yes you can do that and a whole lot more. Check out this app for comprehensive lock and user management. It plays well with SmartLocks also