Schlage connect device handler


Fairly new to ST but trying to get some details on the Schlage Connect device handlers.

I have a current version of the 5.01.00 Universal on my Schlage connect, however the features are very limited to what I see other screen shots showing. The only options I have are Battery %, Locked state and Tamper Alert on the first page, under settings, Only have the Pin Code lenght, no way to adjust Autolock/Alarm…etc. This is using the new ST apps, not classic.

I do have the Smart Apps with LUM and that works fine.


If you have RBoy LUM, the options and activities youre asking about are under the General settings of Lovk User Manager. They’re not in the lock settings.

Are you able to point me into the right direction where I can find the Device Handler for the Schlage Connect lock? Also wondering what LUM is.

Thank you for any assistance!

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The default ZWave lock from SmartThings that will be applied when the lock joins is adequate… RBoy provides a custom device handler that enables advanced features. That device handler is available as part of the RBoy apps package for a fee.

If you’ve upgraded your DTH from the Classic app to the new app you’ll need to clear the cache for advanced controls (AutoLock, Privacy mode, Audio, One touch lock, Alarm, Sensitivity etc) to show up, see this post on how to clear the cache: