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Schlage Connect Deadbolt, SmartThings Hub v2 - How to Program from SmartThings?


(Margaret) #21

Thanks a lot for the info on these additional apps. I’m looking into them now. :smile:

(Margaret) #22

Oh, one other bit of info. ST Support said they’re not going to merge SmartThings and Samsung accounts for those of us who have both. Apparently we’re to abandon our ST accounts.

(Jimmy) #23

hmmm, i think that’s some bad information. There is currently a (very slow) migration happening since a Samsung Account is required.

(David Kircheis) #24

The answer from @twokatmew is still the correct solution. I continue to need to use both the old and new apps since I can only manage Schlage lock codes in the old app. However, I was able to register the lock using the new app.

One note is that if you’re moving the Schlage Connect Deadbolt from the old Smart Things Hub to the new Samsung ST WiFi mesh you need to follow the zwave exclusion steps to de-register the lock first before enrolling it again. You can use the new app for the zwave exclusion step and enrollment. Worked fine.

(jkp) #25

Which smartapp do you use?

Smart Locks in Classic and Smart Lock Guest Access in STSC allow you to set codes for locks in both apps.

(David Kircheis) #26

Android , I use both SmartThings apps

(jkp) #27

I meant which SmartApp in the ST app do you use to manage your locks?

(David Kircheis) #28

The SmartThings Smart Locks one in the safety and security section of the classic app.

(jkp) #29

ST has released a new Smart Lock Guest Access for the STSC app which works with the Smart Locks in Classic. So you can manage codes from both apps now

(David Kircheis) #30

Great! Didn’t think to look for apps in “automations” but I found it and it works just like in classic. Thanks! Now I don’t need the classic app.