Schlage Camelot reports unlocked when locked from app

I have this lock installed now for almost 2 years approx. Recently the lock would report unlocked when the locked digitally… maybe 80% of the time, a subsequent lock command usually fixes it. It doesn’t do it when the lock is manually locked using the external button or the deadbolt knob.

I’ve gotten around it so far by sending another lock command after 60 seconds but I’m just curious to see if this is a battery issue (have not swapped out battery yet), or contact within the hardware that is not registering.

I’d start with batteries being low so it isn’t reporting properly

I will try that today. One thing I forgot to mention is the bolt extends during the initial digital lock command, the status doesn’t reflect it though.

I had a similar issue on my end and it was that the bolt was not going 100% out and was blocked at the end just a little bit by the door because my bolt hole was not long enough. Once fixed, I never get bad reports anymore…