Schlage BE469 individual user code actions and lock "relock" timeout

My 2 BE469 locks are paired with S/T. However, the only thing the device shows me is the lock status (locked/unlocked) and the battery level. I did install the Smart Lock Guest Access SmartApp and that let’s me manipulate the individual user codes (add/rename/delete), however:

I would like to be able to trigger certain actions based upon which door user code is used to unlock the lock. For example if I use my code and come home at night, I’d like it to turn on the kitchen light and bedroom light, but if my daugher comes home at night, I’d like it to turn on the upstairs hall and her bedroom, etc. I don’t see a way to read the user code entered and perform tasks baed upon that code.

I am a recent convert from Wink. The Wink integration for these locks included an ability to read the locks’ “tamper alarm” and perform actions based upon it, as well as setting a “vacation mode” which ignored all of the user codes. Also, while I have not tried it on ST yet, the Wink integration also allowed me to get a text/email telling me when the battery level was low. Also, in Wink you could set reminders for “temporary” user codes to get a reminder to delete them (say for an electrician for one-time access), or to allow certain codes only at certain times (for example, a cleaning person only on Tuesdays because 8am-3pm).

Are any of these integrations/features available?

Also, my locks insist on re-locking after 30 seconds. I don’t see anywhere to disable this/set a different timeout to “relock” an open lock.

I came from Wink also, about a year or so ago. So here’s the cool thing about SmartThings over Wink… Individual people write SmartApps, and some will be more feature-rich than others. I don’t know the specific SmartApp that you mentioned, but it sounds pretty basic. In contrast, RBoy has a SnartApp called Lock User Management, which does everything you mentioned and wayyyy more. For example, here’s a cool feature… Let’s say that someone somehow learned your user code. They would be able to enter your house anytime they wanted. With RBoy’s LUM SmartApp, you can ‘activate’ your code ONLY when you’re home! In other words, your phone (as a presence sensor) would need to be with you in order for your code to open the door. I like that extra layer of security. RBoy app is $39 (one time charge) for a “membership” which gives you access to all of their SmartApps and Device Handlers. For me, I resisted paying for SmartApps for a long time, but their stuff is great so I gave in. Have a look and see if u think it’s worth it.

@Keith_Nathanson, by the way, RBoy’s app also lets you create “burner” codes… Burner codes will only work one time. No need for reminders to delete the electrician’s code.

I bought RBoy’s apps. Like how the lock codes work on it. Apparently I need a “piston” to trigger other actions based upon what codes work. Someone suggested “RCode”(I think) to do that but I’m not sure what a “piston” is.

A lot of people use “core” or “webcore.”

It basically is a smart app that creates a “if” then “that” code. If you put this code in, then the light turns on. Very easy to use. Also can get very complicated.

I use it for my kids unlocking the door, their code is entered and the door locks behind them. The possibilities are endless.

Good luck

No idea what RCode is, but a piston refers to webCoRE. WebCoRE is a complex “rules engine”, and it’s phenomenal in what it can do… basically any advanced logic. I’m not sure I’d recommend webCoRE just for this case though… definitely a learning curve associated.

What do you mean? I assume you mean that you’d like a user’s code to trigger other stuff happening around the house, ie: lights(?). If so, from within any individual user, just tap ‘Custom Actions’

correct, for example:

  1. if daughter opens the front door from keypad and it’s after sunset, turn on her bedroom light and upstairs hall. if daughter opens garage door from keypad and after sunset, turn on laundry room, hall, and her bedroom.
  2. If I open front doo, after sunset, turn on front hall and my bedroom.

along those lines.

Should be simple-
Manage Users -> Daughter -> Custom Actions/Notifications -> Keypad Unlock Actions -> Turn on lights after dark -> define which lights

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