[Schema] How can I handle refresh token revocation?

I’m serving cloud integration service for few years.

Some users are encountering an issue where their devices are not being updated via callbacks.

The problem arises from the revocation of refresh tokens.

Below is the response I receive when attempting to re-issue an access token.

    "headers": {
        "schema": "st-schema",
        "version": "1.0",
        "interactionType": "refreshAccessTokens",
        "requestId": "SOME-REQUEST-ID"
    "globalError": {
        "errorEnum": "INVALID-TOKEN",
        "detail": "refresh token provided is revoked"

Are there someone suffered same problem?

Hi @Shina_System_Co_Ltd let me ask the team

I believe I have identified the reason behind the issue I encountered.

The problem lies in the database schema and token size.

During the development of the integration, the length of the refresh token was initially 142 characters, which later changed to 249 characters.

However, at present, the token length has further increased to 264 characters.

The column in my database is defined as varchar(255), causing the token to be saved incompletely, with part of it being cut off in the middle.

I have just made alterations to the table, and if it doesn’t solve my problem, I will provide additional feedback.

Thank you.