Scheduling w.r.t to sunrise/sunset

Hi, been looking around but couldn’t find any way to schedule w.r.t to sunset or sunrise. For example “turn lights on 2 hrs before sunset”. In all smartapps I see absolute time or sunrise/sunset based scheduling but nothing like x hrs before sunset or sunrise. Is there something like this already there and I just overlooked? This would avoid having to change schedules based on sunset or sunrise timings change for few scenarios.


The Hello Home phrases have an Hours : Minutes before or after sunrise or sunset. If you’re not familiar with them look into them, I passed them off as useless for a while then I found out they can be.

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just looked it up. would need to understand more to use in my scenario. wouldnt it be much easier to just add that in smartapp itself?

My scenario:

I have motion activated lights in kitchen but I want that to work on from 2 hrs before sunset. Before that I dont need the lights as its pretty bright during the say. Not sure how that would work with hello home phrases.


So there’s a SmartApp called Smart Nightlight that I use that does just that. Hello Home phrases are a little to simple for that. Also check out

A great way to create rule with different AND OR cases.