Scheduling multiple disjoint time blocks in a day

(Jim) #1

I’m having some issues I assume others have. A simple case though.

I cannot get my family to use presence tags reliably, or to use their phone (at least two have big-brother location data phobia). In addition, I have one housemate working swing shift. When my housemate gets up and starts to get ready for work and go in and out of the house, I do not want to receive notifications of motion, doors opening and so forth. Same when he comes home at 2am. Otherwise, I do.

The Band-Aid to this that I’d like is tell me about motion during these disjoint time slots:

Before 6am
Between 8am and say noon
Between 10pm and 2am
from 3am to 4am

This would allow for the comings and goings of the family, and still notify me of unexpected activity. Is this feasible? I thought of building an app that set Hello Home states and then tied all of my objects to essentially this Boolean. is there a better way?

In the future, ideally we’d get something like a machine-learned model that could optionally only send notifications for things that were out of the ordinary, potentially with override rules. That may be too much to ask though of a community feature ;-).


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

Great project.

There’s no such thing as “Hello Home states”, really … what’s usually used is the global status called “Location Mode” (and you can use Hello Home Actions to change the Mode.

Unfortunately, there is only one variable for Mode, so you have to plan how you intend to use it across the system. Various projects have done things with “Virtual Switches” as other places to store additional “modes” for a particular purpose (such as Virtual Presence) … and I think these are worthwhile for many scenarios.

But if you plan out your use of Location Mode, it could easily be sufficient for what you describe, as it is the most “built-in” way to handle your scenario and doesn’t require any custom code at all.

(sidjohn1) #3

I have a housemate as well who was not a a fan of the key fob as well, until I discounted his rent for keeping it on his keychain and using it every day. It saves me money so I passed the savings on to him. Win, win :slight_smile:

(Jim) #4

The bigger problem is the spouse for whom I’ve told charging rent is bad form. :slight_smile: