Schedules not working in ST R1


I understand EOL for electronics. Really. However up until about two weeks ago, all of my schedules continued to work. In the past two weeks, none of my schedules have worked. Sunrise/sunset schedules and time based schedules alike are not working. Any ideas other than upgrading? It seems like the ST platform remains in flux and until “corporate” stability is established I don’t see myself dropping another hundred bucks to replace a platform that’s only a year old.

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( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

There is nothing “End of Life” regarding Hub V1 (not for a long time I think). In fact, Hub V1 is currently more stable than V2 because it has a simpler firmware with fewer upgrades.

For both hub versions, the majority of processing still happens in/on the SmartThings Cloud.

Hub V2 can run the “Smart Lighting” SmartApp locally and V1 can’t, so once Hub V2 firmware is optimized, perhaps it will be more reliable than V1.