Scheduled time settings for Multipurpose Sensor

From the Netherlands snd new to this community.
Starting with V2 hub and a few Multipurpose sensors. I would like to control doors for not wanted entrees with push/ sms+ smartphone alarm.
Therefore only want the reports at certain times. (Night) Is it possible to make scheduled time settings from e.g. 2300 to 0700??
Thanks you very much. John.

The easiest way is to use the Smart Home Monitor built-in app. In it, create some CUSTOM “monitoring rules” (hint: click the Gear-Shaped Icon!)

Select “Open/Close” devices
Pick your sensor(s)
Turn on "Sensor Opens"
expand +More Options
Pick your Time of Day restrictions
Select Text and Push Notifications

Thank you very much.
Can you also advice on in house camera’s.
Read dozens of articles, mostly few years old and not up to date.
Arlo seems to be kind of standard, but i want something less expensive without cloud costs. Bink seems to have stopped collaboration with smartthings. Samsung camera’s already years unaltered and with problems.
Hope to hear from you.

I never have had the need to integrate cameras with SmartThings. The best bang for your buck (IMHO) is the $20 WyzeCam. Very good product for $20 (~$25 with shipping). These do NOT integrate currently with ST.

I use two of these, each with a 64GB exFAT formatted microSD memory card in them. No cloud fees. Easy to access from your phone. Automatically store “events” in the cloud for ~14 days (IIRC).

Really depends on what you want a cameras for, though.

Great tip. To bad it does not ship to the Netherlands (not in Europe)

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Managed to order a pair if wyze camera’s.
Thanks again.

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I programmed some smartapps using the multipurpose sensors to work at specific time frame at night.(doors open) Now i also want to set a smartapp with activation when away. Can i do this combining the smartapps with the coloured routines, so that i can easily switch between smartapp settings?
The night routine is a fixed setting but could overlap a temporary home, away or back routine. It confuses me.
Thank you