Scheduled jobs failing (again) (again 😥) (Ongoing Known Issue)

I am beginning to conclude that Smartthings is a joke. A company with Samsung’s backing should not be performing so poorly. I had multiple jobs failed this morning. My wife asked me “where is the weather report” I was like… it didn’t read it (on Sonos) this morning. Maybe something is wrong? I have an important 7 A.M. announcement that did not go through.

I have officialy place a pause on buying anymore Smartthings related products until I see major improvements to the platform. I also cannot, in good conscience, recommend the system to others – my credibility would suffer gravely. Show me a better Zigbee or Z-wave product I am out of the door.

Every system has pluses and minuses, it just depends what your own priorities are.

If you have the money (most people don’t) control 4 is very reliable and supports a broad variety of devices. But the cost is usually about 10% of the cost of the house plus an annual fee. If I had the money I’d definitely get that one. But I don’t.

There are other low end systems that are at present more reliable than SmartThings, but they generally support a much smaller selection of devices and less complex rules. Pretty much every system has some customers leaving it for SmartThings, and some SmartThings customers leaving SmartThings for it. There’s no one best answer right now, but there are a lot of choices.

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I just put in another trouble report with (Elliot) about automations/routines not working or really slow…

For what its worth, I am not seeing trending reports of SmartApp failures. If you email support@, we can look at the logs and see if they can identify what caused the headaches.

This could be either related to a SmartApp failing or the Device Type. Sonos is part of our Labs program because it is prone to randomly get hung up on automations. Same as above - if you shoot a note to support, we can dig into your logs.

MY ENTIRE HUB JUST CRASHED I was trying to cancel an action (bed time etc.) and I lost everything .

Wow. I have not found a way to backup.

I will contact support per your recommendation.

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Anyone still having issues? Rebooted everything and although I can manually turn stuff on nothing eles works

Today? So far, so good. But it’s early. Monday on the other hand, wasn’t good - automations were delayed, even triggering devices manually were slow, devices failing to respond at all.

The app crashes for me every day (multiple times). I am starting to have to log in more frequently. I am on iOS.

One of the scheduled SmartLigthting jobs did not fire tonight. Anyone else seeing any weirdness?

Trying to track down a root cause still but yes there was an issue with the scheduler (NA01 shard) which started at 09:00PM CDT - things should be stabilizing now.


Thanks for the quick update. :thumbsup:

Can’t say that just smartlighting jobs were impacted alone…even manual control of devices has been impacted all night. Everything was working fine, no changes in quite some time and noticed something was off when I went to bed and nothing I manually turned off was redponding…performed full house power reset, the zwave repair then said forget it and pulled the power on the hub for several hours…just awoke and was able to regain some control but not everything yet…iddky enough no status page update in true directly to reflect an issue…hopefully by morning things will be right.

I think something else may be or have been going on. I received a report yesterday afternoon that my Aeon gen6 motion sensor was missing and SHM rules would need to be updated. Nobody was home at the time and the device was working earlier in the day. When I looked it was just gone from the list of devices.

I had to reconnect it from scratch as a new device. This happened right around the time this issue was reported.

Yep… we just pushed a platform fix and think everything should be under control. Stay tuned to for updates.


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