Scheduled jobs failing (again) (again 😥) (Ongoing Known Issue)

Seems like for the last two days I’ve still had a few failed schedules.


I’m struggling to remember, how do you get to the scheduled jobs screen?

In ide location then smartapps the click on the app that is scheduled.


I had a couple fail tonight.

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Please message me with any details for your failures.

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I have had two scheduling failures last two days. My alarm is suppose to turn off at 7:20 from core and normally works flawlessly but last two days I have had to “kick” the piston after 15 minutes past due.

Also worth noting last night things seemed very slow - lots of red banner errors and login slowness. Also saw random app timeouts in core trying to play with new simple pistons

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Somethings definitely up. Red banners all over the android app since last night. Routines not fully executing. Manually executed this morning to get things going and it took 4 times to fully complete.


Same here, good morning routine didn’t set home mode, or turn off the alarm this morning.

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Same, either my mode did not change or SHM did not disarm / have sync status between hub cloud or all of the above.

Super slow last night about 10 pdt. Has to execute the goodnight routine three times before it completed fully.

I’ve noticed the app has been REALLY slow the past few days when pulling up devices. I also had an event scheduled via Rule Machine which didn’t run last night as scheduled.

Last night and this morning I’ve had a ton of red banners, unexpected errors, etc. My hub also went off line last night around 1:27am and came back online around 2am, though I didn’t lose internet at that time. I’ve noticed presences has been wonky the past couple of days. It fires but takes a few minutes, I even set off my intrusion detection Wednesday.

Something is definitely up. I’m going to be opening a ticket later on today to have it investigated.


Thread added to the bug reports list in the community-created wiki for October:

Please continue to report individual account issues to support. The Wiki list is just for community information, it is not monitored by SmartThings staff.

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Same here, my mode is still in night mode. @vlad seems like a flair up of hemorrhoids that doesnt want to go away


Looking now - glancing at the monitors things look healthy… Any info to support with:

  1. Shard
  2. Expected exec time
  3. SmartApp name
  4. What happened (Complete miss, timeout, partial execution)
    Would be very helpful.

7:21AM EST
Core - Disarm_Alarm_Weekday piston
complete miss - had to kick piston to get it to run

That has happened last two mornings.

Also yesterday when my wife got home around 6:45pm the alarm did not disarm but it did know she was home as I got a text so that isn’t scheduling related but maybe a lot state in core or load?


Guessing na01, when i goto login i stay on graph.api,
Good Morning
Complete miss, house still in night mode. Set night mode by hand as always. At sunrise stock routine good morning is supposed to set home mode.

Ticket 265509 opened for it.

For me I cant look into hub or anything cause I still get server 500’s from the webpage. Looking at weather station it did say it execute sunrise. Tho Good Morning says lastTime is 10-13 so yesterday.

Not sure if the web errors are actually an indication
Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
/hub/show/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (just incase thats unique :wink: )
Reference Id
Fri Oct 14 14:16:27 UTC 2016


First few we’ve spot checked are database related event save failures - in CoRE’s case its happening when it calls (either in timeHandler or recoveryHandler):


Don’t think the failures are limited to scheduler related at this point.

It may not be limited to the scheduler part of the platform, but from the customer’s point of view it’s the same end result: a routine/smartapp that was scheduled to run, didn’t. :disappointed_relieved:

So how should people report these problems?

Related to was a bad choice of words - changed the wording to “not limited to scheduler”. You should still contact support when you see a failure.

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