Scheduled jobs failing (again) (again 😥) (Ongoing Known Issue)

Every scheduled job failed this morning including anything that used any variation of run. The jobs are all pending and past due. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Hey John, sorry to hear about your troubles. Definitely fire off an email to support. In the mean time I will poke around and see if anything looks unusual.

My routines decided to skip 9/30 all together.

My good morning routine didn’t fire this morning.

The routines are all off to watch Rosetta landing on 67P… give them a break, they’ll come back after Rosetta crashes there…


I can verify the claims on this thread. Some of my core pistons are failing this morning.

Already did. Thanks.

Mine too. Everything pending for 9/30.

Speaking of which, @ady624 the IFTTT Maker events are not firing this morning, do you think it’s ST not sending them or IFTTT services are watching the Rosetta landing too?

My good morning routine failed this morning also.

My good morning routine failed as well.

Yep. Yesterday and today has been a bad day for Ticker in my setup. I sent and email to support yesterday night.
I swear there is someone at ST looking over the forums and as soon as he/she sees someone speaking about how stable it has been, he/she will mess up with your automations just to remind you what you are dealing with. At least that’s my conclusion after openly saying ST had been very good since March, earlier this week.


Yep, same here.

Morning routine didn’t trigger so my lights didn’t come on and my alarm didn’t turn off, which was interesting!

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Yuuuuuuuuup same here. 3 time based events missed in the last 12 hours, lights failing to turn off after a set time too. My system has been running so smooth that I can’t even remember my last missed time event. Sending off an email to support now.

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Everything worked perfect for me this morning. I am on V1, anyone else with V1 have issues? Perhaps it’s a V2 issue?


My routines never fail. Most likely because I have none, but that’s not important right now (movie quote).

I don’t have many things running in the morning, other than disarming alarm, turning on some lights and unlocking some doors. That worked this morning, same as every morning, but it’s triggered off by some motion events, not time events, so I can’t comment on said failures :smiley:


+1 - runIn() events are not even being scheduled…

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My Good Morning routine did not execute at sunrise via CoRE. I have the following piston set to run Good Morning and one of our phones being unplugged triggered it 10 minutes after sunrise. I have a handful of outdoor lights that are scheduled to turn off at sunrise via Smart Lighting, those appear to have all turned off correctly.

oh joy more failures

Timed events failed for me this morning as we…

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