Schedule smartapp just stopped working

I have a smart app that turns a light on at sunset. It stopped working after November 4th.
When I look at the smartapp properties on the outlet that it runs on, it shows that it will run at Sunset today (if before sunset) or Sunset tomorrow if sunset today has passed. Judging by this it should work, but it does not.
If I look at the event log it’s obvious that the sunset app did not run.

Has anyone else experienced this mysterious behavior?
Note: I have a sunrise app that runs on the same outlet and that continues to work uninterrupted.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve seen this too after the big update.

Did you check and see if the Sun actually set properly last night? Try unplugging the Sun, and plugging it back in. See if that helps.

Seriously though… what @RichardH said… after the update many of these things went a little haywire. Sometimes a simple “reset” of everything will help. Here’s what I’d do:

First, unplug your hub for 20 seconds. Give it a nice clean boot.
Second, uninstall and re-install the SmartApp (not the Mobile App, just the SmartApp).

See if that gets things to wake up and start working again as they are supposed too. If it doesn’t, then contact support and let 'em know exactly which smartapp you’re trying to use.

Quite the jokester! LOL. Good one though for sure.
Seriously…I’ll do as you suggested and reset the hub.


I use humor to cover up my general absence of knowledge and shockingly absent insight.

Doesn’t the Sun reboot every night on its own?

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In a perfect world, yes. But Mother Nature has been messing with the crontab lately and there’s been some incompatibilities so you can’t always count on it happening.