Schedule delay?

(Brian Steere) #1

Is there a minimum delay for a schedule command? In my app I tell switches to turn off at a specific time (during testing usually only a couple minutes from current) and they don’t turn off until after about 5 minutes.

Example: Things turn on at 12:50 and are scheduled to stop at 12:52. Scheduled function doesn’t actually run until 12:56.

(Todd Wackford) #2

What time does it show it ran in your log?

(Brian Steere) #3

In the example it shows as running at 12:56.

(Joe Angell) #4

I started a separate thread thinking I had a different issue, but as I’ve played with it more it seems I’m having the same problem: A 1 minute timer takes 10 minutes to run. It is either ignoring that I’m unscheduling the event when a contact sensor closes, or it just hasn’t gotten to it before the scheduled timer (via runIn()) was actually handled. Or there’s a bug in my code, but it looks OK to me…

It seems that runIn() is intended to execute a scheduled task reasonably close to the time you specified, or else I imagine you wouldn’t use units as fine as seconds to set the value.

– Joe