Schalge lock feature missing: Code change, Guest access etc

I buy it in usa - And installing it in Uk
so I am in Uk

tagging @Brad_ST is smart locks guest access available in the UK?

is that link for me to buy another app for it ?

my previous post was asking a ST staff member if that app is available to users in the UK. I lost track of what apps are available where.

There is a commercial app you can purchase from @rboy if you want to look at it and make a decision

sorry im not buying another App - why did i buy this for !
Please do not send buying app link - if your about to sell somethings !

I was not selling… just gave you an alternative.

You may want to contact ST support directly and see if they can give you assistance :slight_smile:

Smart Locks Guest Access is not currently available outside of the US. It’s understood that there is a demand for it outside of the US though so that may change in the future.


I am in the US. Just started with a fresh setup- new Samsung account. Reset all Devices. And have latest firmware in the ST hub. There appears to be many different ways to add or associate the Schlage connect lock to ST. I’ve been able to add the lock no problem, but it’s not clear how to get the full basic feature set activated. I need to Control creating codes for guest /temporary access etc. I am not having much luck installing the smart apps that would grant this feature. I have set up in both the classic and current app.

I’ve successfully integrated with a lutron caseta hub and others. So I know how to add the apps and connect the services together. Any help here?

Which app should I use and

which smart app should i install?

Does it matter which pathway is used to add the locks in to begin with?

( manual, app driven, programmer code?) NB: since both hub and lock are zwave plus this should be easy and nearly automatic with all features available off the bat… the Ring alarm base station Does exactly that… what’s going on with Smart things?

Try the Lock User Managment (LUM) app. It works with the New and Classic ST app, with all SmartThings hubs (v1,v2,v3,adt etc) and in all geographies. It has almost any feature you’re looking to manage and schedule users and locks.

I am in the new app, and clicking to add smart apps. I do not see LUM as a choice to install.

Having the same problem after migrating to the new Smartthings App. I am able to lock and unlock manually but when I go to Invite Guests by adding a code the lock does not appear. Did anyone come up with a solution for this besides buying that RBoy app? That app looks cool but I’m concerned it will not be able to access the lock either without a special device handler.

Which device handler are you using for the lock? Or possible that you can remove the smart lock guest access app and reinstall in order to see the locks.

I had this problem yesterday and was close to pulling the lock and returning it after a Christmas Story-esque stream of obscenities. Couldn’t figure it out with the app, but went to the Smartthings dashboard in a browser, My Devices tab, and the Schlage Connect BE469ZP was listed as “Z-Wave Lock without codes” and I was unable to assign codes using the Smart Lock Guest Access addon. I got the “Can’t create lock code” because it couldn’t see the lock. The FIX: I hit “edit” on the dashboard and changed it to “ZWave Lock with codes” and can now give/rescind access codes remotely.

Z-Wave lock with codes is legacy and shouldn’t be used. You should use Z-Wave Lock but see this post which explains why your lock didn’t use that DTH by default after pairing and the proper fix for it:

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What dash board are you referring to? The app? Or is there an online website?

Samsung website. It’s a dashboard of sorts for your smartthings hub and connected devices.

Update in case this thread comes up for someone now in 2022

In the ST app at bottom got Life, then scroll down to Smart Lock guest acess and click on arrow on top right hand corner. The next screen click on drop down menu top left hand under locks you’ll find your desired lock, click on it and it takes you where you can add and change codes…

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Was just trying to figure this out! Thanks for the post!

I like this feature as it allows you to add/remove codes remotely, and the history shows which code opened the lock.

Does anyone know when the stock Edge driver is going to be implemented?

Thank you, I found the SMart Lock Guest Access, and clocked on it. It is installing some add-on. Takes forever. Did you have the same situation? I am still not at the screen with an arrow on top right hand corner…