Schalge Lock Capabilities

(Brian) #1

Just wanted to check on the capabilities of the Schalge locks before I drop the $200 on one.

  1. If I am away and have my house ‘armed’ can I give a code to my family and when they unlock the door with that code (and my presence sensor isnt home) it still sends me a push notification but doesnt sound the alarm in the house?
  2. Will it give me any inidication of which code was used?
  3. Battery reporting?
  4. How much code manipulation can i do?

I know custom code will likely be necessary, I just want to know the hardware capabilities.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

No need to spend that much. I’ve gotten one of mine for $90 off eBay. Worth watching that and waiting imo. Also, I can answer 2 and 3, yes to both.

(Brian) #3

Best I have found on ebay is $130, Ill keep my eye out.

Thanks on 2 & 3, thats definitely good news

(Jeff DeWolfe) #4

Another place I’ve seen decent prices is on Amazon. If you look at the “other sellers” spot you can find it for like $120 sometimes.

(Barry) #5

I have written a SmartApp “Home on Unlock Code” that puts the house into the Hello, Home “home” mode when the lock is opened by a code. You can set up multiple so that it can notify you which person opened the lock. In the IDE, click Browse SmartApps, then select Browse Shared SmartApps - right now it is found under the recently updated, but it is in the Safety & Security section…should be plug-and-play, except for the push notification…

Maybe I’ll add the push option, plus change it to handle multiple people (right now you have to create one instance of the SmartApp for each person/code combo).

(Brian Smith) #6

I think this is a great idea. I want to setup codes for family and friends, but I want to setup codes that they want so they can remember them easily. I don’t want to force a code on them. Adding multiple codes would allow me to have a “Guest visit” hello home change.

(Barry) #7

For now, just create another instance for user “Guest Visitor”.

Note that you can’t (yet) set the PIN codes from ST - you have to do it manually, then associate the PIN ID # with my SmartApp…