Scenes running slow


I have installed about 20 Fibaro dimmers/switches in my home so every room has smart lighting. But I am experiencing long delays when running scenes. I have built 2 scenes. HomeScene: This scene will turn on the light in the hallway, kitchen(power outlet in kitchen aswell) and living room. Away sceen will turn all lampsand power outlets off.

After making a Z-Wave repair and waiting for 2 days the scenes ran a litle bit faster but still to slow. And after i added one device to my HomeScene the amount of time it tock to run it doubled.

All my device handlers are local.

The question is will scenes take time to run fast and increase its speed ower a long period of time? Why does scenes take much longer after adding 1 device?

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Because “scenes” run in the cloud, you should use Smart Lighting rules for local execution.

Thanks for the rapid reply.

I am using Fibaro Single Switch 2 ZW5 device handler on a fibaro single switch wich works as a button to trigger scenarios. But it says it is running in the cloud can I still use it ?

Also I am controlling a sonos wich also run in the cloud :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re out of luck for the Fibaro Single Switch 2 ZW5 at the moment.
Here’s the full list…