Scenes Disappearing / Lock Manager

I keep setting up my favorite scenes and when I exit the app completely, they disappear. What am I doing wrong?

I also added the Smart Lock Guest Manager. Now I continue to get messages when any codes are used on my doors. Before it was only set to notify me if one code was entered, not all codes.

Any thoughts?

Try to reboot your phone/reinstall the ST app. If it happens again with the scenes you may need to contact ST support.

That’s the default expected behavior of Smart Locks, it notifies you of all changes and usage of codes. It could have been a bug/platform issue earlier which prevented notifications from reaching you.

If you have access to RBoy Apps you can check out LUM which allows you fine grained control over users, notifications and actions:

Are you using the new app, “smartthings ( Samsung connect)”?

If so, this is a known problem with the most recent update:

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I deleted the new app and started over. Fixed the scene issue.

I was unaware of the notification when a code was used. Never had that until recent. Need to look in RBoy to get it modified.

Thanks for the help!