Scenes Beta!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #121

Whose reasons?

And just playing devil’s advocate :smiling_imp: :balance_scale: : SmartThings don’t owe us “reasons” for anything. We paid for the Hub once, and all new features are free gravy. Right?

(Bob) #122

Personally I never used the family tab. Lumped everything into a room as it gave me a better list view.
Scenes tab, for my setup it doesn’t bring me anything so I probably won’t be using it.
Perhaps the answer would be user defined tabs.
i.e. Here are the tabs you are allowed by ST, select the ones you want.

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #123

While true, the hub isn’t the product… The SERVICE is the product…

I paid for ActionTiles once, but changes to the service I receive from the AT application that directly impact my usage of it should be explained, at least in part. Removing a feature such as the Family tab without advanced communication to the masses shows a detachment between ST and its consumers.

At the very least, upcoming changes that will change or remove features need to be communicated in advance with some reasoning and explanation as to why. That doesn’t mean ST needs to listen to the 0.27% of people that use that feature as they rage over it disappearing, but it’s common courtesy.

(Robin) #124

It was discussed over the past month in the beta threads

(Robin) #125

We pay a pittance for the hub (far less than the devices we add) and get a lifetime of free service… It never ceases to amaze me that ST don’t charge a subscription.

Unlike Amazon / Google etc. (who sell advertising / products) , ST make next to nothing from the service, bar a few alarm monitoring services in the US.

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #126

That’s a fair and valid point, but let’s phrase it slightly differently…
Tesla sells you a car with a set of features. You buy the car once. They decide that they want to remove a feature from the car, like AM Radio. Not everyone uses it… But they remove it without any notice to the general user/consumer base, instead discussing it in an obscure online community that many of their user base are unfamiliar with or never visit.

My aunt in TX got into SmartThings because of me. She uses the Family tab. She called me today asking me where it went and why. She’s not computer savvy by any means, but knows enough to set up her home in the ST app.

Regarding the service being free, I agree… Without the service the hub does us no good, even with local processing. I’d pay a flat monthly rate for service with ST.

(Ron Talley) #127

Regarding the Family Tab, I am one who used it quite frequently. It’s perplexing that the Scenes Tab is not in the Automation Section…“My Home” has 3 Tabs…“Automation” has 2 Tabs…Why couldn’t both Sections have 3 Tabs?

However, I created a Room called Family and added all of my phone sensors in it and dragged it to the top of the Rooms List. Takes two (2) extra Click to see when a person arrived or departed but still, the information is there. It was just easier with the Family Tab because at a glance, I could tell who was home, when they arrived or departed and the temperature of both my thermostats and still be able to put each sensor in it’s appropriate room.

Somethings makes sense. Somethings just don’t unless there is another Tab in the works that we are not aware of.

SmartThings? Was it?:roll_eyes:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #128

Will SmartThings ever change the Services?

We’re always trying to improve the Services, so they may change over time. We may suspend or discontinue any part of the Services, or we may introduce new features or impose limits on certain features or restrict access to parts or all of the Services. In some cases, the changes we make to the Services may cause older hardware devices, third party services, software configurations or setups to no longer work with the Services, and you may be required to upgrade or change these devices, services, configurations or setups in order to continue using the Services. We’ll try to give you notice when we make a material change to the Services that would adversely affect you, but this isn’t always practical.

(Steven Azari (Captain Comedy)) #129

in all fairness, you are more pointing out a flaw in their upgrade process than proving your point.

In the age of always online devices, where notifications are as easy as a ping, you want us to believe that it’s not practical to say “hey, there’s an upgrade for your product, here’s the change log”… all the while the android / apple store and pretty much every online service does this already? or even a basic email to all users? email was a required field for a reason…

I mean, are you really going to hide behind legal terms for a lack of after thought?..


This is an endless battle that will continue until the end of time. 100% of people won’t be satisfied. For the Family Tab, you are going to have those that did use the functionality and weren’t explicitly told it was being removed, and are disappointed, and those who never once clicked in the Tab because it was useless to them, and then you have some that saw it and said what a waste of real estate, glad it’s gone. Then you have those that see it missing and say hmmm, let me just add those devices to a Room and be done with it, and others who will complain about it. This is not say that anyone is wrong in the opinion they share about it, whether good or bad, but this is life all and there is no pleasing all of you 100%. That’s just not going to ever happen. You can argue that their fundamentals or methodology of not notifying anyone prior to removing something doesn’t make sense to you or that it is completely wrong, but when they introduce something you were waiting for without an announcement, do you complain about that?

You have the option to not like a company’s process, methodology or idealogy and can go elsewhere. You have the freedom of choice and in turn the company has their own choice as to how, what and when they deliver.

It’s been said many times today, but if a company could deliver 100% of everything that every single person wanted or didn’t want to 100% of the customer base, the product would never exist because it would be an impossible deliverable to achieve. The fact that this company in my opinion is finally taking strides to move in a positive forward direction in the last few months alone and from what I have seen from the beginning (I had one foot out the door myself a few months ago) is a 180° turn around.

This same thing happens in our lives everyday outside of technology. Little Johnny was used to sitting at the old chipped dining room table with wobbly chairs and had the perfect height for his elbows to rest on the table when eating dinner. Johnny’s parents decided that they wanted a brand new table that wasn’t chipped and had an extendable leaf for more people and had chairs that no longer wobbled. They didn’t tell Little Johnny that they were going to buy a brand new table and chairs and the next night at dinner, Little Johnny was happy that his chair no longer wobbled, but he was very unhappy that his elbows didn’t rest on the table at the same height and was slightly uncomfortable. The rest of the house was ecstatic for the change. Moral of the story - You can’t please everyone and even if they told Johnny ahead of time they were going to purchase the table, he still would have been disappointed. Did the family have to get Johnny’s approval, NO! Sorry for the goofy analogy, but SUCH IS LIFE folks!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #131

Nope; I’m not hiding; just pointing out a couple facts:

  1. The existence of the Terms means that every Customer knows what they bought into.

  2. SmartThings is a Cloud Service which means that some feature changes (even front-end features) are not deferrable by customers. Parts of the SmartThings App are dynamic (e.g., Smart Lighting is a SmartApp that runs in the back-end, even though it looks like a part of the front-end).

  3. Believe it or not, sending bulk-email is a big risk for SmartThings. Even well-reputed non-marketing fully authorized bulk-emailed messages are often, frustratingly, automatically considered by email services to be spam. Once this categorization is made, essential emails like password change requests and help desk responses can be forever lost.

  4. Speaking from experience with ActionTiles customers, the vast majority of Customers (80%? 95%?) really don’t care. Or they simply don’t care enough to write to: to record their concerns so that next time SmartThings might consider more advance notification.

Hint: Please contact if you’d like notice in the future. That’s the channel they listen to!

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #132

This is the bane of my existence at work as a lot of what we do is email… Even our own internal emails are hitting filters on our hosted Exchange solution right now. Ugh.

(Robin) #133

In my last job, my company email was powered by gmail (using the company

I had to send regular emails to all staff containing large attachments / multiple links / batch files, and I very quickly got marked as spam!

As it was an enterprise account we managed to get myself white-listed for internal mail (but still with a warning banner!) but I was still getting blocked externally!! Massive PIA!!!

(John C) #134


…or ten characters to that effect.

(J Bentz) #135

anyone know if the scenes work with Google Home? I’m not seeing them in my list of devices being pulled over to GH from ST.

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #136

You have to trigger the scene by using a Routine.
You can include a scene within a routine, but at this time you can not directly trigger a scene outside of the Scenes tab in the app other than through the routine, that I am aware of.

(J Bentz) #137

Nice. I didn’t notice that they added Scene triggering to routines. I was thinking that these scenes would be a more efficient way to replace some of the routines that I was using, but I guess it’s going to be a combination of the two for the time being.


do scenes over rule ‘Smart Lighting’ rules?

For example if I create a ‘movietime’ scene in which I have 3-4 light/switches state off, will the ‘Smart Lighting’ rule that says turn on when there’s motion be overruled/ignored?


Yeah, I was just going over whether to even bother with scenes. They’re basically routines that don’t turn off, so I was like WTF do I even need scenes for?

(Bob) #140

The only way round this that i can see is to create a ‘Movietime’ mode.
Then in your Smart Lighting rule select it to run in all the modes apart from MovieTime.
Then it will ignore the Smart Lighting rule when you are in ‘Movietime’ mode.