Scenes Beta!

(Robin) #101

Just use webCoRE:

IF Routine X executes
IF light A is on
turn off light A
turn on light A
End if
End if

(Jimmy) #102

speaking of webcore, are scenes exposed to it in any way?


Not seeing it.

(Steve White) #104

Not directly from what I have seen, but it is possible to call a Scene from a Routine, and a Routine from CoRE, so by means of a “detour” it is possible.

(Robin) #105

If the API has been made available (not sure if it has) then I’ve no doubt @ady624 will add the functionality to webCoRE at some point.

But the workaround mentioned above sounds good for now.


Haven’t seen the community this active in one day in a while, except for when sh… hits the fan. With everything being released, I sense a more upbeat and positive crowd today, for the most part. :slight_smile:

(Dave) #107

ok. I don’t get it… Why would I use the “new” scenes feature native in the ST App, instead of CoRE or WebCoRE? Unless I’m missing something (which could totally be the case), it seems to me that WebCoRE has all the functionality of the new “Scenes”, and more…?

(Bill S.) #108

Because webCoRE, for the less technically inclined end users, is harder to install and use. Don’t forget, most common users don’t even know what the IDE is, much less how to install something like a custom SmartApp and then try to learn how to use webCoRE.

As much as I love webCoRE, scenes are much easier for end users and that really is the whole target audience for ST.


You are absolutely right but not everyone knows about or is willing to install WC/CoRE, I think those of us in the community represent only a fraction of the ST consumer base.

(Robin) #110

Very true, but there are a lot of basic users who don’t use custom code and wouldn’t know what the IDE looks like if you bashed them around the head with it! They also wouldn’t have a clue how to use webCoRE.

I think it’s great that ST is baking in added features for those users!!#

Edit: the two above beat me to it… what they said!!

(Bill S.) #111

I’m waiting for @JDRoberts to jump in. :wink: LOL

(Robin) #112

I would hazard a guess that ST haven’t done any black screen testing as usual and that @JDRoberts can’t even test the new features without paying someone to help :sob:


Got it in one!

The newest version of the app still doesn’t work with voiceover. And what’s really fun is when you get that message at the top that says your scene activated, then that message itself breaks any of the other screens that were working with voiceover. :scream: We had reported that as an accessibility problem with error messages in the last version, but this is the first time there have been “OK” messages that did the same thing.

Does anyone know if the new scenes feature runs locally? Or is it like routines and it requires the cloud?

@vlad @jtqa

(Mario Fuchs) #114

So, back from the click-fest named Scenes.

Impression? Meh.

But first: oooh, new version with new feature. Joy! Scenes? Hmm, I wonder how that would work?.. prolly something like setting everything up to your liking and then capturing that state.

Nope. Not nearly.

Add a scene: Check.
Add devices from a list. No sorting options, no room connection. sigh. Ok, then what?

Hmm, how do I capture the current state? Oh, you don’t. You painstakingly set values in the blind. No interactive feedback when setting values. Nada. Completely. Blind.

Is this really the intended workflow?
Please let me know that I missed something crucial.

And to top it off, the regression of being forced to click “done” after each visit to the value slider.

After all these steps you get to click the scene button to see if you guessed correctly. I didn’t and had to redo. Again. And. Again.

Anyhoo, now we have scenes, Woho!
Can I link these to routines?

(Bill S.) #115

FFS… Seriously?! Ugh, I’m sorry @JDRoberts@slagle C’mon!!! You guys said MONTHS ago that you were going to test the VoiceOver support in the app!!!

As for scenes running locally versus cloud: It looks like cloud to me. I’m not seeing anything in the logs that would make me think otherwise.

(Robin) #116

Having been hubless for the past 4-5 months (I moved home) and only running a virtual hub with Alexa and harmony, I hadn’t seen the new dimmer slider yet… just installed a simulated dimmer and OMFG…THIS DIMMER IS AWFUL!!!

(Jimmy) #117

This is supposedly already planned in a future update.

(vlad) #118

So currently scenes run in the cloud - it is actually powered by the initial cloud implementation of the rules engine that went into the 18.x firmware that replaced the old local execution solution. A scene behind the “scenes” is actually just a rule without any conditions or programmatic triggers. Eventually - we will run scenes locally, by that I mean that the command will originate from the phone, hit the scenes API via the cloud, get translated into an execute rule request and then get routed to the hub which will then send the actual device commands. (Some of this work is slated for the next firmware release). If a scene is selected in Smart Lighting it will force the app to run in the cloud but the goal eventually is to get it running locally.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #119

(Steven Azari (Captain Comedy)) #120

in all fairness, the reasons to remove family tab I have seen are pretty poor - there was no reason to remove it, this is separate functionality. We aren’t asking to please everyone, we are asking to use logic. or at least explain why we are now missing a view.