Scenes Beta!

(Tino Race) #81

@slagle @Tyler users reporting Bug 0003 are getting annoyed that no one from ST is acknowledging or doing anything about the lack of scene visibility for people on the beta. All ST need to do is go on to bug 0003 and say hi were looking into it and we aren’t ignoring it

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #82

I see it like this…

Routines = the soon to be past
Scenes = the soon to be future


@slagle, my scenes all of a sudden are gone and the Family tab is back. Any ideas? Submitting a bug report shortly.

(Jason) #84

Same here. I logged out then closed the app, restarted and logged in and it was back. I think it had to do with the update that allowed us to test adding a scene to a routine.

(Steven Azari (Captain Comedy)) #85

I agree, gotta keep that family tab as that will eventually be an essential area in assigning user access to the smartthings hub

(Steven Azari (Captain Comedy)) #86

so how were the scenes? I see no screenshots, when do you think it will be released to live?

(Tino Race) #87

Amazing, after weeks of not being able to get the beta working, Scenes are now released to 2.10 without warning.


I miss my family tab :pensive:

(Andy - United Kingdom) #89

Maybe I’m just lucky, but for me Scenes have been working perfectly!
Although being in the UK, it seems we don’t have the updated SmartThings App yet.
(Mine is still showing 2.9.1 (1422)

My only bugbear is that I cannot call them programatically, only with Routines or Smart Lighting

(Mark) #90

I wasn’t a part of this beta, but now that the mobile app has been updated (iOS), it’s unfortunate that this feedback wasn’t acted on.

Getting rid of the family tab doesn’t make sense. Scenes should have been added to the automations screen in the app, as @SteveWhite mentioned. There’s room to add another tab at the top of the screen (next to “smartapps” and "routines), and it simply makes more sense there anyway.

Just my opinion, but :-1:

(Andy - United Kingdom) #91

I was part of the Beta for this and I think the original response was that very few people actually use the ‘Family’ tab (I know I don’t )
As an alternative, I have a ‘Room’ with all my presence sensors in - It’s just the way I set it up originally

(jkp) #92

The one advantage the family tab has over a Room is the ability to see the location/date/time of every presence sensor. Using rooms, you only see present/away. To see the remaining info, you need to click on each one individually. When users start having presence issues, as I have experienced over the past couple of months… going to the family tab to detect if the presence sensor was still connected was so much simpler.

(Mark) #93

Sure, I realize the family tab probably isn’t the most critical feature, and some of its functionality can be duplicated. Although @jkp made a good point that it provides more info than what’s available by creating a room with only presence sensors.

Just frustrating to see they got feedback on this and chose not to act on it. Ultimately it’s their app and they can design it however they want.

(jkp) #94

I wish they would add them to the dashboard under SHM perhaps. I have added them to my favorites section of the dashboard but I also have them in a room of their own. :slight_smile:

(Steve White) #95

As others have said, this approach works but is missing information. The family tab allowed you to at a glance see dates and times for everyone at a glance. The rooms approach, which I do as well just to keep the unassigned devices list short, requires a ton of navigation to collect the same level of details as the family tab provided.

(Jeffrey) #96

I would really really really like the family tab back. Scenes are just not that exciting and useful to need their own tab at the top but quickly seeing presence is much more useful especially when it’s having issues. Stick them on the page with smartapps/routines.

(Mark) #97

Just a suggestion, but post additional comments about this here instead:

Scenes are no longer in beta, and a couple ST staff members have posted in that new thread (not about scenes vs. family tabs specifically).

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #98

If a vendor had to implement every suggestion or complaint that came up in Beta feedback, the product would literally never get released.

In fact, many Beta programs explicitly exclude “suggestions” to help ensure that the focus is on stability and bugs only.

As mentioned in the other thread, SmartThings may have dozens of good reasons for their choice of tab selections in this release; but that may even include that they did not want to delay the release to change it in response to the Beta feedback!

We certainly didn’t want Scenes to be delayed, right?


Outside of Beta. If a company we’re to wait to satisfy 100% of customers needs for all 100% of the customer base, the product would never be released, ever.

For that fact, if one product could meet the needs of every single customer on the planet without exceptions, there would be no competitors to ever worry about either. One product for all.

It’s an impossible thing to do.

I have to deal with this same scenario with my customer base around Help Desk and Change Management and Support Staff members and try to meet as many of the requirements as a whole to satisfy the majority, versus the few that don’t necessarily like it. As much as I try to go above and beyond to satisfy every customer and their staff, at the end of the day, that’s not reality.

(Matt) #100

I was hoping Scenes would solve a long standing annoyance I’ve had with Routines.

I want to have one button or widget to turn on lights AND turn them off.

With Routines, I have to have one for “Room On” and one for “Room Off”.

Hue solves this pretty well by changing their widget scene button to off after you tap it. I would love to see Scenes take this approach.