Scenes Beta!

(Steven) #182

Scenes allows increments of 1%. Here’s an example of one of my scenes:

(Chris H) #183

Yes, you are right - thank you for that correction. I got my wires crossed on that one.

Mea culpa!


Routines were originally designed around the GE switches, which don’t dim lower than 10% anyway. But scenes are designed around smart RGBW bulbs, which do dim down to 1%. :sunglasses::bulb:

(Brad) #185

Support is tracking demand for the expanded temperature options; please contact them if you haven’t already.

[UPDATE] IKEA Trådfri Bulb Device Type
(Effie Gray) #186

You mean like a headphone jack lmao


Same issue here - any solution available or in the works?

These bulbs are 2200K-4000K but in the scenes it’s always 2700K-6500K :frowning:

(UMWat) #188

+1 for me too. I really could do with this sorting out as it is stopping me using SmartThings to control my lighting.

For example: Got some Tradfri colour temperature bulbs and even though in ‘Things’ I can go to 2200k in the bulb settings, I can only go as far as 2700k in ‘Scenes’ which is a little silly really.

Seems like such a small thing to change in the app but here we are.