Saving Money with Home Automation

Sharing how some home automation that can help your daily routine and save some money every month. Use the home automation based on your electricity contract with free time electricity time slots.
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Will love to hear if you have more ideas about home automation to save more money on electricity. Any ideas is always very welcome

I have a webcore piston that checks the weather as part of the laundry notification, if the dew point is low enough and there’s no rain forecast the notification will tell me it’s OK to hang the washing outside in the garden rather than running the dehumidifier to dry the clothes.


I’d suggest a few I’ve implemented:

  • Schedule parasitic loads (stereo, TV) off at night/away

  • Use controls and sensors to close west blinds during the pm when hot and sunny

  • Put timers on lights that get left on so they go off after a pre-set times

  • Activate/dim certain lights based on time of day and light levels and occupancy- including daylight controls

  • Use occupancy controls for lights in bathrooms/bedrooms