Saving money/energy ideas

So for the past few months I’ve started to look at saving energy as I’m looking at installing my own Solar Panel system so every KwH counts.

Question is - how’s a good way to save money/energy with SmartThings?

I’m in the UK but I guess this can be answered by anyone.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • All lights are Philips Hue LEDs (read they are around 5w when fully on)
  • Installed CoRE to allow me to set motion detection on the lights in seconds (rather than SmartLightig minutes)
  • Hive heating installed and managed through SmartThings (nobody home heating off, door/window open heating off etc)
  • Installed WOL (Wake On LAN) and remote shutdown on my PC and Server which turns them off at night and if we are both out and on if I request it.
  • Logitech Harmony installed to make sure everything is off in terms of TV etc (need to look at switching off at the plug but that might get in the way of the Harmony)

I will update the above list when I think of a few more ideas I’ve done

Anyone got any further ideas?


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I like being able to check and see if windows are open in rooms we don’t use often, like the guest bedroom. So I have a contact sensor on those. My most important use for is getting a notification if the window was left open and rain is expected, but there are also some energy savings for days when the air conditioning will come on.

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I have my Harmony hub and Sky Q on one outlet together.always on. The rest (TV, Xbox,Fire TV, Wii etc) is powered via an ST outlet. When mode switches to Away or Night it switches off. A motion sensor in the living room then powers it back up when someone enters the room.

@JDRoberts, how do you do that?

Are you just referring to smart projects? Because if KwH are your concern, these are the best ways to save energy:

  1. Get a high efficiency furnace and AC.
  2. Change clothes dryer to gas if you have electric.
  3. Replace clothes washer with a front load, HE, Energy Star rated machine.
  4. Replace your refrigerator with a new Energy Star rated one.
  5. Replace your range to gas if you have electric.

By doing those, your energy consumption will be greatly reduced. It is a hefty expense at the same time, but it will pay off in the long run, just like solar panels. Also, I don’t know how it works in the UK, but here in the US you can get rebates for energy efficient machines, so your expense comes down a little bit.

As for smart projects, I would also add Smart Outlets to things that are prone to be left on, i.e. irons (hair and clothes), toasters, coffee machines, etc.

Also, and this might be the first you would want to start with, get a Kill-A-Watt (or the equivalent UK version) and measure each thing in your house and determine how much energy they are consuming. Where I live you can borrow one from the electricity company, or you could always buy one.

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Mainly things you can do from within ST itself to save energy.

Things like I’ve listed above; I know the best way to save money is to actually spend money on better appliances etc and here in the UK we are miles ahead of the US in terms of energy saving in that department as the EU put in loads of laws to make all our devices really energy efficient.

We’re having a log burner installed next month so that’ll cut our gas costs; not really a ST improvement though.


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