Save your money: Xiaomi original series won't work with SmartThings (2015)

Updated 2017: this note was written in 2015. Since that time, Xioami has expanded their home automation offerings significantly, and now have a number of devices using the ZHA 1.2 profile which many community members are using successfully with SmartThings. So if you buy something used on eBay, it may not work. If you buy something new, make sure it’s the one that is using the ZHA profile.

If they are the original xioami series they will not pair to SmartThings. They use their own proprietary encoding and can only work with their own controllers.

Smartthings uses the zigbee home automation 1.2 profile (ZHA 1.2). Can’t pair with other profiles or proprietary ones. Same issue as the original series Lowes iris devices, or the original series NYCE devices. Or control4 devices. They’re all using zigbee but they’re not using the same message encoding so they can’t talk to each other.

Whenever you buy something you want to use with SmartThings, and it’s Zigbee, check to see that it is certified for ZHA 1.2 or ZLL (which is the zigbee light LINK profile used by lightbulbs)

Other profiles like Zigbee pro, Zigbee green energy, zigbee medical, or individual company proprietary zigbee will not work.

Oh, that’s unfortunate, I’m going to cancel my order for these.

Darn. It a lot in 20 characters.

Thanks for the info. It’s annoying and a shame. Sensors that work with ST really aren’t that cheap to me so this would have been good… guess I will have to take a lot longer about building up my sensors… we don’t have many “cheap” options in the UK.

Xiaomi camera can be “configured” to enable RTSP streaming.
Would SmartThings support such IP Cameras using RTSP in future?

What is the tech background of NestCam support?