SamsungAccountSDK No Longer Works with XCode14.2 and Above

Our iOS app has been using the SamsungAccountSDK for the last +8y to authenticate SmartThings users and allow them to manage their wifi network within our app. Starting with XCode14.2 we have noticed that the authentication randomly fails with 500 Internal Server error.

We have noticed that this request** is no longer computing the locale and region code consistently, especially after upgrading to XCode14.2 and above.

We are now forced by Apple to use XCode15 and above for any new release, so we have been forced to drop the SmartThings support, but we quickly started getting 1star reviews from angry SmartThings WiFi users who were relying on our app.

What is the alternative authentication solution you can remcommend trying instead?


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Assuming this is related to HomePass?

yes, we have removed the SamsungAccountSDK in our latest version that’s currently on a staged rollout.