Samsung Wisenet SmartCam D1


I am looking for a doorbell with face recognition. Currently have Ring Doorbell which does not support face recog.

I just saw the Samsung Wisenet Smartcam D1 and since it is Samsung, I thought it would support Smartthings out of the box. However, it seems that this is not the case.

Is there any info on this ? Future support maybe ?

What I would like to achieve is to receive user information from doorbell and then send a command to my zwave smartlock to unlock the door.

Yeah i second that… Hope someone comes with a solution.

Don’t hold your breath. The SmartThings platform has actually gone backwards and removed support for Samsung cameras.

great !
But if there is an API we can make it work unofficially.
I’ve integrated my Netgear router that way. There are many device handlers written by community.

the question is : is there an open API ?

SmartThings’s evolving API is documented here:

At a glance, I didn’t find anything for integrating video streaming, clip capture, and so on; but I didn’t look very hard.

Uhm…is it just me, or is anyone else confused by the fact that the actual listing on Amazon doesn’t list the manufacturer as Samsung but instead Wisenet. It doesn’t mention smartthings or Samsung anywhere in the description…only in the reviews. I find that a little odd.

I don’t say that it is a “smartthings” device. There are hundreds of “non-smartthings” , and officially NOT-supported devices that we use with Smartthings.

@tgauchat , I know Smartthings API. What I was referring to is an API of Wisenet camera. And I’m not looking for a video streaming feature. I just want to have an integration that would allow ST to know when a face is detected by the camera.

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Oh… that’s different.

I dunno.

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