Samsung ue40h6400 connect via ST app

(Jill stanton) #1

i’ve tried using the new ST thing and unable to connect to samsung tv ue40h6400.
so installed custom smartapp and DH from here and this time it found the tv… but then is doing nothing. any ideas?

(Robin) #2

What year was your tv made?

(Jill stanton) #3

google says 2014, but not sure. any idea how to find out?
it’s connecting ok via the custom app and device handler and the device list shows a device network id when looking through api

(Robin) #4

Only 2016+ models will work I’m afraid.

(Jill stanton) #5

:frowning: excuse for a new tv

(Robin) #6

I use Logitech Harmony for my 2015 TV… not as good as the official TV integration but does the job.