Samsung TVs, soundbars, tablets, phones on sale 22 Oct 2021

These are listed under “epic deal” at Amazon with most being 25% - 35% off.

I’m sorry, I don’t know which specific models work with smartthings, so do that research if it matters to you.

CNET article with some links:

Includes 30% off some jetbot robot vacuum models, and those have at least some integration with smartthings, but I don’t know how much.

As a general rule for Samsung TVs, all of the “smart” ones (which might be all of them now?) work in the SmartThings mobile app. Only the Q series and up have the SmartThings app on the TV itself so you can pull up cameras, scenes, etc. on the TV.

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Samsung direct has also posted some early black Friday deals today. I don’t know how these compare to the Amazon deals or if they’re the same models. I also don’t know if these were planned sales or if they were a response to the fact that the Walmart ad leaked which featured Samsung. But anyway here they are: