Samsung TV integration

Follow the instructions here:

Note that if you have a Samsung TV that uses Tizen OS (J series) it probably won’t work, potentially pre-2012 won’t work either.

What do you mean “loaded from source in IDE”? Did you just make a copy of the SmartApp and it suddenly started to work or did you change something in the source code?

I didn’t change the code, just noticed that their was no devicetype. clicked New DeviceType, selected From Code tab, copy and pasted code for the device type, then clicked Create button. Then the devicetype of samsung smart tv showed up in IDE. I then restarted app on iPhone and this allowed me to add my tv.

Yes, the app now can do most everything that my remote control that came with the tv can do.

Where did you copy the code from? I checked the list of codes of different device types, but there is none for Samsung.

Found a code by lagrian here:

Is this the one you used?

yes, that is the code I used.

So which tv’s can be connected to ST?

Well, I have Samsung UE55ES8000 and it does not work. I was able to add the SmartApp, detect the TV, but none of the buttons in the device control works. Anyone any ideas/suggestions where to get updated commands for different TV models to update the Device Type code accordingly?

@hajar When you connect it and try to control it for the first time make sure the TV is ON. It should then ask you to confirm that you want to allow a remote control connection. Without this confirmation the TV will reject any control commands.

Ditto for a UN60H7160. It sees it, but I don’t get asked to confirm anything, and none of the commands work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Same behavior as me. Thanks to manofheck, I got it installed, but commands do not work.

I have a UN65H7150

Did you get it to work?

In the OSD menus i think there is a setting to allow network remote. Not sure where though.

Nope. I haven’t had much of a chance to mess around with it.

Thanks. I will look for this.

I got an app on my iphone to control my Samsung H7150, but just can’t get the smartthings integration to work.

Which App? I haven’t even been able to find one on my phone that would work.

I use mytifi on my iphone

I got that app on my Iphone and Ipad, I’m not really liking the app…

agreed… it kinda sucks.

I just thought it was cool how I could control my tv over wifi. Unfortunately, can’t get my smartthings to work with my TV