Samsung tv has lost Smartthings connection ( Resolved 17/05/18 )

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Yes. They did break the UK\EU law. And by the looks of things many more TVs will be sent back.

My Gear S3 and S8+ phone are being sold as I’m going back to Android wear and a Pixel phone.
This was a dumb move by Samsung.

I’ve got a 75 inch ZD9(UK) coming on Monday. Now I will be able to voice control my TV via Alexa.


what a letdown this product and samsungs combined ecosystem is.

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Samsung are telling the same lies at this CES show.


Terrence, as much as I understand your frustrations of what does and doesn’t work and how many issues you have with everything and how much this community has tried to assist you with all your ongoing issues, I have never seen a person complain so much in my life. You have repeatedly stated that you are going elsewhere and that you will never purchase another Samsung device, so what’s holding you back? As much as you complain about everything, if there is something better, go buy it and drop SmartThings. Pretty simple than your daily belly aching that serves absolutely no purpose, and really reaches the point of ridiculousness. Your frustrations and complaints are known, but they never stop. :joy:

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I’ve still got a ST hub. And I’m only telling the truth.
Unless you can prove me wrong?


Terrence, I don’t need to prove you wrong. SmartThings works for me and I am happy with it. It isn’t perfect nor is any system, but as a home automation project, SmartThings adds a ton of value in my life. 40% of your issues are self induced and we all assist you even when you are bitching about everything, and the other 60% is you constantly complaining about your TV and the Extend, instead of just buying the NVidia Shield with Link to give you SmartThings on your Television. Whether they broke a promise or not by not going through with extend or allowing your tv to be compatible. They said they are working on the compatibility issue where some TV’s no longer can be added. But until then, you constantly complaining about it isn’t helping you or anyone else and isn’t going to make it happen any sooner. You have already returned your TV that is compatible and can be added as a Thing so live with that for the time being. There isn’t anything you can do as Samsung has their own agenda and sometimes it doesn’t work out in our favor whether it be an integration or functionality removed.

Like I said, I totally understand your frustration and you have been heard many times, but it’s over the top. That’s all I’m saying. Enjoy SmartThings for what it can do and not what it doesn’t and what you were promised that isn’t there. The alternative is to simply unplug it, find another hub that is compatible with your devices and that works more for what your expectations are. It’s really that simple. :slight_smile:

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“SmartThings adds a ton of value in my life” So you must of been depressed before ST came out :slight_smile:

" 40% of your issues are self induced" Really? please enlighten me
" instead of just buying the NVidia Shield with Link " now why would one do that when they was promised a extend?
Oh and the ST link(extend) worked on my TV(UK)(I have one)) till Samsung ST stopped it. But you would like people like me to pay out a further £200 to get Samsung out of the ****? just wow

"Whether they broke a promise or not " I don’t know where you live, but they broke many LAWS in the European Union by not bring out the extend.

“They said they are working on the compatibility issue where some TV’s no longer can be added” Hmmm it worked before did it not(well it did here in the UK) :slight_smile:

" you constantly complaining about it isn’t helping you or anyone else "It’s helping a lot of people. I get emails thanking me for pointing Samsung errors out.(300 emails) :slight_smile:

"You have already returned your TV that is compatible and can be added as a Thing so live with that "
Hmmm no it can’t anymore. You really should read the whole thread before spurting off on one :slight_smile:

Oh and Samsung has lost 40% of there TV sales in the EU…wonder why hmmm
Please tell me you are not a American?


Adds value to mine and my family’s life with the added convenience and a bit of fun in the house with kids being able to talk to Alexa and have lights turn on and off. Yep, SmartThings is a value add for sure.

Please tell me that you are not a habitual complainer.

Was only trying to be helpful Terrence so you don’t look like a fool with your continued negative comments on a daily basis that serve no purpose other than to complain about something you have no control over. “Peace” out.

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I don’t come on here at a daily basis. And as you got everything wrong in your posts.
It must be embarrassing for you :wink:

Back on topic.


All I do is assist people here in the SmartThings community if you look at history and who I provide support to. I called him out because that’s all he does is moan and complain. Sorry it’s so not helpful and you think your complaining gets anything resolved? That’s what Support is for.

There is a way to make your point known and air your grievance over an issue. There’s a tactful way and as you will find out with the use of the inappropriate language.

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Now Now.
Play nicely children.


It gets to a point where it is ridiculous. That’s all. Was only trying to give him some helpful advice.

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Get over it Tezz and move on. I am tired of having to sort through the crap on this forum.


Don’t waste your time, that’s all he wants. There is no sense in arguing with a child.


any updates from samsung on this?

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Not seen or read anything spyd4r. An update is due for the v2 hub in a day or so, maybe something will be included in that but if im honest i dont hold my hopes up, it does appear quite a few people are annoyed by the very odd decision to remove a perfectly fine and working option so a proper announcement on a fix should be how its resolution is handled… (in an ideal world)


Same here, not holding my breath. But it does appear that “plenty of people” are making noise about it, so hopefully in due course it will be resolved. My 6000 series TV was integrated and working perfectly for a year or so before the latest TV firmware update.


Haven’t tried this myself yet but sounds promising… Hub Firmware Release Notes - 20.16

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Unfortunately, the Samsung Digital Appliance (DA) list does not include televisions.

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So Samsung still has not fixed the TV problem…Glad I went to a android TV.