Samsung tv has lost Smartthings connection ( Resolved 17/05/18 )

(Mike) #81

Unsurprising that the report was outdated and not researched properly… non the less Samsung only have themselves to blame for there poor implementation of a new standard

(terence peace) #82

So who is telling the truth?

ST have said here, that both samsung and smartthings are working on a fix for this problem.

Can anyone from ST tell us the truth please?

(Mike) #83

Probably not, its called NDA.

(terence peace) #84

NDA about What?

They took away the Smartthings extend. Which did work before updated the firmware to stop both the extend and
being able to use Alexa to work with the Tv’s.

They also took away WebCore on the Samsung Tv’s. Which was awesome. I can see a lot of court cases next year.


That article is coming directly from comments that I made in a post earlier. It’s not direct quotes but it references everything I wrote about the firmware updates and even the model number of my TV. Lol


That was from back in October. The link to join the beta is dead. The control of the TV through the connect app is via Bluetooth. Nothing to do with control via smartthings.

(Sergio Ferreira) #87

I can confirm that is not via Bluetooth…I have it off and still can control it via the app.
There is also a note saying that next year they should provide an update on merging accounts.

(terence peace) #88

Just had a email from UK support and they say that we won’t be able to see the TV as a thing.
What a load of goolies

(Mike) #89

Yup i can also confirm the connect Tv control is not via Bluetooth. I tested by switching off Bt on my phone and then remembered the Tv does not even support Bt hahaha…


what, so never?

(Jim) #91

I got this from support today, so it sounds like they are looking in to it.

“Recently a firmware update did go out to some 2016 Samsung TVs that enabled OCF connection. At this moment, the SmartThings app currently doesn’t support this functionality. However, not to worry, our SmartThings engineers are working together with Samsung engineers to look into solutions for this.”

Not sure when it will be fixed, or if it becomes to difficult for either side to fix.

(terence peace) #92

That’s what they in the US are saying.


They’re just copying what they read in forum posts and putting it in their online articles. I wouldn’t put much value into them

(terence peace) #94

Let me put it this way.
ST people here say they are working with the Samsung TV side to fix this(it was not broke before)
The TV UK support said to me that they have not heard of anyone working on a fix, and it’s all ST fault
and I should contact them. I contact ST UK support about this and they just say “Use the connect app from now on”

(Monty Franklyn) #95

I have no problem with that decision as long as the integrate Connects with Google Home. For now, I will return my Smart Things hub and get a Harmony Hub instead.

(Mike) #96

Tezz… i think u have tried just about every option to make things work however have you tried one email address 2 different passwords ??

By that i mean
Samsung account = email address 1 and password 1
Samsung Tv = email address 1 and password 1
Phone or Android tablet = email address 1 and password 1

Smartthings account = email address 1 password 2
Smartthings Hub = email address 1 password 2

Doing that will give you one email address for St and Samsung but different accounts, then when you login to the St IDE you should get 2 options, Samsung and or St account, select the Smartthings account option which then takes you to the St Hub shard
Also sign into St on Android with the St email address 1 and password 2

This may be more complex if you already have email addresses assigned to Samsung or St, my only advise there is to just go make a new email address in google, sign out of everything Samsung St related and sign back in using the steps above

Its always good practice to have different passwords for things net related and it might help with your Tv/Connect/St connection issues

My take on things is, Samsung account, Samsung Tv, Samsung Connect are all happy to play together using one email address and same password

St is happy to play with St app and St hub with one email address and a password that is different from the Samsung password

Connect and the St hub are connected on servers somewhere and it does seem they look for a common item to match them together which appears to be email related, Connect says to St … Hi lets share data as you seem to have stuff i understand - St does the same to Connect but because they have different passwords it kind of sees both items seperately and both play happily together sharing info back and forth
( this might be completely wrong and miles off how it works but that is how it appears )

This is where the Tv then works, St at the momment as you know does not see the Tv but connect does and it hands its Tv info over to the St server, the St app then automaticaly without intervention adds the Tv into its list of connected devices… its a poor UI and really does not work well but i believe it is there that the St people are working to make the Tv Ui better to match the Connect Tv UI which is really very good

Adding to the Amazon Echo app goes well and the Tv is found BUT turning on via voice does not work for me if the TV has been off overnight ?? once the Tv is turned on via remote and the Tv signs itself into the Samsung account control for on off seems to be mainly reliable but again it is a bit hit and miss, this has nothing to do with an Echo issue but the integartion from St/Samsung

However if you have already tried all that the only other option is a Harmony hub to control the Tv

How an Apple user will ever get any of this to work is beyond me as they dont have Connect as far as i am aware, who knows maybe Samsung will develop and Apple vesion but as Connect is competing against Apples offering of HA it might take a while to surface… if ever

(terence peace) #97

All my Samsung products use the same email address but different passwords.
ST say there is a fix on the way from the TV firmware people.
The Firmware people tell me they don’t know of any fix!

Samsung can downgrade the firmware if they want to, but for some reason they don’t\won’t

What a mess.

(terence peace) #98

Well my UK KS9500 is being sent back for a full refund.
It’s a pity that Samsung\Smartthings never brought out the Extend.

The funny thing is that my new TV coming can talk to Alexa and I can have SmartThings on my TV…
and it’s not a Samsung TV :wink:


They honored the refund solely because the ST integration was removed?

(Mike) #100

Nearly had Nervana

and then

Looks like Samsung are copying Microsoft … loads of talk but no results

18 Yrs i have been looking for home automation, long before Samsung and St, Microsoft had Media Center, not exactly home automation but a start, a start that put Music, Video, Telephone, pictures on your Tv, Media Center went from a dedicated Pc - if you were serious about the platform, to SOAC the dream was to put Media Center in a Tv, never happened. XBox became a part of Media Center but eventualy it was clear Microsoft could not see Home Automation clearly and Media Center was killed in favour of more gaming and XB1

Samsung announced what everyone wanted, to use the one thing everyone has in front of them, the Tv, the blatantly odvious choice for controling Home Automation, they even bet correctly on the future in 2015 where Microsoft always seems to fail, the future emergence of Home automation. 2 Years later, late 2017 not only is there no sign of a Tv to control the home but even the much hyped Samsung smart Tv, the last connection between Tv and Smartthings is removed without rime or reason, the simple on/off volume channel change ripped out and thrown away

No one would mind or care IF the new method for connection ( OCF ) was developed and tested and ready to roll out in place of the old method but it seems that the old method used was killed without OCF ever being ready… even a press release would have settled users nerves but nothing, not even an official release from Samsung

Home Automation needs a front end as well as a back end, Samsung … says it is all about the cloud, great but it is useless without the ability and screen to control it on AND for all ages, not just the phone/tablet users… there are many people who do not use smart phones/tablets but can use a remote control

The wait goes on and now my main problem is… i am running out of years here guys !!